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  1. Laptop Bride Wedding Blog
    Wedding tips, trends, ideas and products that will help you plan your dream wedding
    Added on Jun 4, 2007 | 261 Views | 
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  2. Laurie's Cobalt World
    Behind the scenes of the internet store Laurie's Cobalt World, Laurie talks about new products, recipes, suggestions, and life as an entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Written with humor as a down-to-earth conversation.
    Added on Feb 21, 2008 | 222 Views | 
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  3. Live, Laugh, Blog
    A look into the life of a blind mother of three
    Added on Dec 25, 2007 | 246 Views | 
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  4. Living Your Best Life Today
    on topics such as family fun, marriage, motherhood, home, money, recipes, being the best me etc.
    Added on Feb 6, 2007 | 244 Views | 
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  5. Lord I Want To Be Whole
    Personal Growth and Discovery. My Uplifting and Positive Journey
    Added on Mar 26, 2008 | 344 Views | 
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  6. Loss Of A Mother
    How can We Forget Our Mothers
    Added on Oct 25, 2009 | 312 Views | 
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  7. Macho Ambisyoso
    This blog is actually a personal journal - events happened in my life, experiences, opinions on pressing issues, everything under the sun, etc. It is also a venue in which everyone is invited and allowed to post comments, suggestions and questions regarding the topic I raised or anything you want to say.
    Added on Jun 16, 2008 | 430 Views | 
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  8. Magalis Sandoval
    Author and blogger, Magalis Sandoval brings you a blog with updates on her work but also random topics written based on daily observations. A believer of pursuing one's dreams, Magalis additionally will post blogs consisting of motivational content to push the reader further towards their own goals. A mother of two, licensed clinical social worker and interests varying from tattoos and the occult-Magalis is an ecclectic individual who enjoys sharing her thoughts and stories-most of which in a humorous tone if not simply disturbing or reflective.
    Added on Jun 21, 2012 | 301 Views | 
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  9. Magnificent Nature
    New Age is now.
    Added on Mar 15, 2007 | 309 Views | 
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  10. Mama K's World
    A peek into my blissful world as a wife, stay at home mom and motherhood. Then I wake up....
    Added on Apr 3, 2006 | 326 Views | 
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  11. Mama Never Wore
    A beauty blog especially for mothers
    Added on Sep 15, 2009 | 179 Views | 
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    The Real Scoop on the Poop
    Added on Jun 19, 2008 | 305 Views | 
    0.0 / 5  (0 votes)
  13. Momma used to say
    Cliche's and old sayings. What momma used to say!
    Added on Apr 7, 2013 | 149 Views | 
    0.0 / 5  (0 votes)
  14. Mommy Melting Pot
    Mommy Melting Pot is a blog for all kinds of moms. Come share experiences, tips, and information with other mothers on the topics that are important to mommies everywhere.
    Added on Aug 30, 2009 | 309 Views | 
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  15. Mother's Day Resources
    Web site to honor that special woman in your life.
    Added on May 9, 2008 | 354 Views | 
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  16. Motherwise Cracks Parenting Humor
    Humor from the motherhood by Mary Fagan
    Added on Apr 4, 2007 | 204 Views | 
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  17. MSS Research - Social Science Research
    Research papers on Development Theory, Internet, Money, Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Education, Employment, Management, Peace, Security & Values, inspired by Sri Aurobindo's integral philosophy
    Added on Apr 25, 2008 | 272 Views | 
    0.0 / 5  (0 votes)
  18. My Internet Business, its struggles, lessons learned
    Giftsandcollectiblesgalore blog will be all about the many struggles of an old business where sales have gone dry and how we are trying to resuscitate it back into a profitable business. Through the posting will share the many lessons learned to help this old website. We will share some lessons learned from our eBay store also as our eBay store has had its many challenges. Included in my post will tell you about a new web site that was developed a year ago and its marketing challenges. Our goal for the new web site DoggieDogCoats was to learn new lessons from the new site and then applied them to the old businesses. But we found that was not the answer or solution. Posting will include a secret weapon we found to help us in our day by day resuscitation of the businesses. The purpose of this blog is to share our adventures as we work hard to make these businesses viable. We will share the many new lessons with each blog plus have a surprise or two on a side business and its challenges with Mother Nature. So please join us through our tears and laughter, as we share old and new lessons for jump-starting our old and new businesses into profitable ones.
    Added on Sep 2, 2012 | 226 Views | 
    0.0 / 5  (0 votes)
  19. Myosotis
    Personal stories
    Added on Jan 6, 2008 | 334 Views | 
    0.0 / 5  (0 votes)
  20. New Baby is on the Way
    Wanting? Expecting? Prepare for the coming of the new baby. Know what you've got to do: Prepare the essentials. Be on guard of your diet. Love yourself. Feed your mind. Expand your wallet.
    Added on Jul 30, 2008 | 261 Views | 
    0.0 / 5  (0 votes)

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