August 9, 2020
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  1. Asian stock climbs on U.S job data
    Following the positive US jobs data which showed the increase in employment in the world’s largest economy, Asia stocks were mixed Thursday morning after the US data revealed the increased number of the employed people in the private US private sector .With an increase of 188,000 in June from previous reading 134, 000, surpassing analysts’ predictions of a 160,000 increase....
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  2. Asian stock market decline;China services data climbs
    The Asian stock market started the first day of the trading week in red, first time in three days as the Japanese shares led the decline on a stronger yen after the U.S. jobs data showed below-forecast data on Friday. The Chinese shares and European index futures advanced, while in Australia and Japan, bonds rallied with gold.....
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  3. Asian stock mixed, China jump on stimulus news
    The Asian stock market began the trading week mixed, as the stock was hit by the Japan’s less-than-forecasted second quarter GDP. However, other stocks were seen in green, with the Chinese stock gains on the local stimulus news.......
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  4. Asian Stocks climbs on strong US data
    Asian Stocks climbs on strong US data .The Asian stock market recovered on Friday, as shares climbed from the previous losses .While the U.S economic and retail sales data beat estimates and concerns were raised regarding whether the Federal Reserve would reduce record stimulus. Unemployment figures raised the market sentiment.
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  5. Asian stocks in red on Fed’s doubts
    Asian stocks in red on Fed’s doubts....
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  6. Asian Stocks Mixed On Fed Doubts
    Asian stocks started the week mixed, with another day of highly volatile trading while investors continues to worry over predictions that the Federal Reserve will begin to scale back on its stimulus program by September.....
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  7. Asian stocks rises on Fed stimulus
    Stocks in the Asian market continued rising to a two-month high on Tuesday , after the Federal Reserve (fed) hinted that cuts to the bond-purchasing program , would not begin any time soon ....
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  8. Asian stocks supported by Fed reassurance
    The Asian stocks rose with a positive lead from Wall Street on Wednesday, with Japan’s Nikkei reaching a 5- ½ year high as it holds on to its gains as the Bank of Japan stood pat after they unleashed a massive stimulus last month........
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  9. Ask a Loan Mod Guru
    Real Expert advice from someone who has actually personally modified loans with just about every lender. Insider tips and knowledge. My expertise can empower others during the housing crisis w/insider tips, process, & knowledge.
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  10. Ask Owen- Impartial Financial Advice
    AskOwen is about providing impartial advice for those concerned about managing their money.
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