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  1. Notes from Dr. Biery
    Thoughts, ideas and facts on oral health.
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  2. Online Health blog | Beauty | Food and Nutrition | Health and Fitness Related Information
    ahealthadviceblog - an online blog about health related issue. Visit us to get latest information about Yoga, Beauty, Nutrition, Excercise and Fitness.
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  3. Plasma Blood Donation
    Plasma donation centers reviewed and mapped across the united states, also includes articles on how to become a blood donor.
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  4. Resveratrol Health Benefits
    Know all about resveratrol, the natural anti aging compound with disease fighting properties, its health benefits, its sources and the right dosage of the supplement.
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  5. Smart Kit Brain Enhancement Blog
    A blog about memory improvement and brain enhancement by Dr. R.L. Kaplan, author of the Smartkit: Student Guidebook, which provides students with practical tips on how to achieve academic success via intelligent use of their brain.
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  6. Subtle secret of life
    Chinese Medicine blog from an acupuncturist who shares his medical experiences and phylosiphical thoughts about health and lifestyle.
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  7. Walking and Fitness Walking Resource
    Dedicated to walking and fitness, The Walker's Warehouse is the leading walking resource for walking shoes, electronics, equipment and walking information for both men and women. This Blog is dedicated to providing relevant information about walking and walking related stories.
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  8. Weight diets! Take off your weight fast!
    It's my personal blog where you can find all info about weight problems. Tips, news, articles all here :)
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  9. Why Medical assessment is important before or during Ramadan for diabetic patients
    Fasting during Ramadan, a holy month of Islam, is a moral duty for all healthy adult Muslims. However, there are exceptions to this. Anyone who is ill or has medical conditions do not have to fast. This includes people with diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient and planning to fast, it is important that you speak to your diabetes healthcare team as early as possible before Ramadan begins.

    Here we are highlighting some possible metabolic complications and how you can manage them.

    Risks associated with fasting in patients with diabetes:


    Fall of blood sugar under the normal levels. Decreased food intake is a well-known reason for Hypoglycemia. How to Manage: Limit your physical activity during the fasting period and be more active after the sunset. Never miss your Suhoor meal and also consult with your doctor to modify medicine dosage & timings.


    Rise of blood sugar above normal levels. Overeating after the fast is broken is the main cause for this. How to Manage: Controlling the diet during Iftar meal. Check your blood sugar levels frequently throughout the day.


    Due to the lack of fluid intake as well as the hot and humid weather, one may suffer from dehydration. How to Manage: Aim to drink sugar-free and caffeine free drinks frequently throughout the evening and before dawn.

    Overall Management Goals During Ramadan Fasting:

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    A website dedicated to your health.
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