January 26, 2021
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  1. Bankruptcy Information Blog
    Mr. Southward is a member of the State Bar of Indiana and is admitted to practice in the Southern District of Texas, Northern District of Illinois, and the Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana. He is a member of the Houston Association Debtor's Attorneys and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.
    Mr. Southward has nine years of federal bankruptcy and consumer law experience. Prior to joining Busby & Associates, he was a Senior Managing Attorney with Legal Helpers, P.C., a national bankruptcy firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. While at Legal Helpers, Eric oversaw its regional offices and previously managed its Indianapolis, Indiana office.
    Prior to the practice of law, Mr. Southward was a marketing manager with an advertising and marketing firm and a pharmaceutical research company, both based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to that, he was a national account manager with magazine publishing services company based in Des Moines, Iowa.
    Although raised and schooled in Iowa, Eric is a native Texan, born in Corpus Christi. He has re-joined his family, who all reside in the greater Houston area now. Mr. Southward received his undergraduate degree in 1992 from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa, and his law degree in 1999 from Indiana University.

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  2. Bankruptcy laws and procedures
    Bankruptcy is a legal procedure in a federal court to relieve certain debts of a person or a business that is no longer able to pay its debts.
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  3. Bankruptcy Lawyers & Attorneys Chicago
    Loopbankruptcy.com is a firm of bankruptcy lawyers / attorneys at Chicago IL, which work for debt settlement or debt relief in Waukegan, Skokie and many other cites of Illinois.This blog is maintained bu lobbankruptcy to help people and provide them real information about bankruptcy so they can handle their problems easily.
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  4. Bar Exam Guru's Blog
    Blog about taking the bar exam, tips for the bar exam
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  5. Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras P.C.
    This blog mainly talks about wills, trusts and hoe to plan your trusts. It gives you information on the consequence of a power of attorney’s improper act, It also gives you valuable points on how to set up a trust, reasons for contesting a will and what are the things needed for administering a trust. It also gives useful tips on how to get prepared when your loved one’s will is contested by someone. You can get idea on special need trust and when you will need it.
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  6. Bartlett Workers Compensation Attorneys
    The Memphis, TN Personal Injury attorneys of the Law Office of David Gold handle cases involving personal injury. Call 901-244-5003 today.
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  7. Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Blog
    The law firm of Vincent J. DeSalvo, Attorney at Law serves legal services to clients in the area of personal injury.
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  8. Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys Blog
    The law firm of Moore, Thompson & Lee, APLC serves legal services to clients in the area of personal injury and car accidents.
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  9. Be careful while applying for visa
    Law firms play a major role. Law firms are familiar with the latest rules and regulations and as a result, the rejection rate comes to as low as it can be.
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  10. Bellevue Workers' Compensation Attorneys Blog
    The law firm of Moschetto & Koplin, Inc., P.S. serves legal services to clients in the area of workers compensation.
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