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  1. 3M Adhesive Tapes
    There are different types of 3m tapes from which you can choose. In this post, further we have discussed about different kinds of adhesive tapes that are commonly being used for various purposes.
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  2. 3M Adhesive Tapes
    Adhesive tapes are one of the most commonly used things for industrial as well as domestic purposes. 3M tape products provides reliable and durable bonding solutions to stick to various requirements.
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  3. 4 Ideen der Intermedia AG Limited um Google+ Hangouts live zu hosten
    Egal ob Sie davon überzeugt sind, dass Google+ eine virtuelle Geisterstadt ist oder nicht; es kann schwierig sein, die stabilen und einzigartigen Tools und Funktionen des sozialen Netzes für Business-Anwender anzufechten. Eines der Wertvollsten ist Google Hangouts. Das Tool mit dem Sie Video Chats online hosten können.

    Mit Google+ Hangouts können sich bis zu neun Personen „face to face“ kostenlos im Netz unterhalten. Die Teilnehmer können ein YouTube Video zusammen ansehen, oder Google Docs nutzen.

    Google+ Hangouts on Air kann für eine interne und öffentliche Nutzung hilfreich sein, vor allem erlaubt Ihnen die live Ausstrahlung eine tiefergehende Interaktion mit Ihren Kunden, die Sie mit anderen online Kanälen nicht erreichen würden.
    Added on Feb 4, 2013 | 767 Views | 
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  4. 4 Mobile Deals
    Latest information regarding the best deals of the UK Mobile. 4 Mobile deals is online blogging place where user can get updated deals and information of Handset specification.
    Added on Mar 7, 2013 | 1157 Views | 
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  5. 5 Tips for Avoiding the Social Media Time Suck
    Social networking platforms allow for interaction but as it happens in real life, you need to limit the time you give to social media to avoid wasting time by virtually spending your everyday life on one or the other social networking platform. This holds true for marketing professionals undertaking the task of social media marketing for an organization and even people in general who use social networking sites for interacting with people from across the world.
    Added on Apr 5, 2012 | 1854 Views | 
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  6. 52nd&West
    the blog of a natural born mobile worker: there is a life beyond the open-space office (tips and technology tools to efficiently work from anywhere but from an office cubicle)
    Added on Mar 8, 2009 | 1385 Views | 
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  7. 59ideas
    Seeking Ideas, Blogging Thoughts
    Added on Feb 20, 2006 | 1512 Views | 
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  8. A blog about blogging
    A guide to creating a blog and driving traffic to your blog
    Added on Mar 24, 2006 | 1500 Views | 
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  9. A blog about software testing, it's provide full information regarding software testing, software testing types, software testing levels and it's services
    This blog provide the full information regarding software testing, it's includes the software testing types, software testing levels, software testing methods, software testing models, black box testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, GUI testing, acceptance testing, alpha testing, beta testing, sanity testing, system testing, smoke testing, security testing, stress testing, scalability testing, performance testing, usability testing, regression testing, grey-box testing, white box testing, testing case and test case template, interview question of software testing and many more.. It's also provide the information regarding software testing certification like ISTQB and automated testing tools like selenium IDE-Selenium Features, selenium components and its advantages.
    Using this blog you can get all the knowledge of software testing. This blog best for who are fresher in software testing field. Software Testing News and Software Testing Book selling is the advanced options in this blog. Using certification option you can get all the details of software testing certifications.
    Added on Oct 17, 2012 | 982 Views | 
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  10. A blog on content writing, instructional design and e-learning
    A blog on content writing, instructional design and e-learning
    Added on Sep 4, 2008 | 982 Views | 
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  11. A Blog That Guide To Earn Money and Save Money Online.
    A Blog That Guide To Earn Money and Save Money Online.
    Added on Dec 17, 2011 | 1596 Views | 
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  12. A disperse platform to explore the diverse.
    All the Latest news, updates, details about Gaming, Technology, Science and much more.
    Added on Aug 9, 2017 | 591 Views | 
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    a world of unique software carefully selected
    Added on Oct 30, 2011 | 909 Views | 
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  14. A tehcnlogy related blogs
    A tehcnlogy related blogs
    Added on Jun 2, 2009 | 906 Views | 
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  15. A Secret Benefit of LinkedIn You Are Probably Missing Out On
    According to a study published by Entrepreneur Magazine, LinkedIn came in as the least visited social media site on the daily basis (out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +). So, should you still be on it? Absolutely.
    Added on May 21, 2014 | 824 Views | 
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