December 1, 2020

Choosing Web Scraping Experts Over Building Your Own Web Scraper

Web scraping is the most popular technique used by businesses widely to reshape unstructured web content into a definite and structured form. Web scraping runs on the principle of extracting data from various websites. Furthermore, the availability of webpage scraper tools has made it easy to carry the piece of code that is designed to scrape the data. It looks for the specific data you require and converts it to the desired format. Building your own data scraper requires the utilization of extensive tools and techniques. Webpage scraping can also become tiring and an expensive business at the same time if done on your own.

However, building your own web scraper is a job of great responsibility. Undoubtedly, there’s a promise of valuable and informative data in web scraping, but that doesn’t guarantee that the right information is scraped. Building your own scraper and not choosing the relevant web scraper tools can lead to far more perilous consequences than profits for a business. To drive your business forward, one needs a web data extraction specialist who can gather intelligent insights to drive your business forward.

Pitfalls of building your own webpage scraper

Let’s discuss in details why you should avoid building your own web scraper and choose experts instead:

1. Require Regular Maintenance

Building your own scraper requires timely maintenance. The maintenance exerts a huge financial burden on businesses and organizations. As websites and applications often keep on reforming their structures and formats, it becomes even more difficult to maintain the web scraper tools.

2. Cost End Up Higher

The investment cost incurred is much higher in building your own web scraper rather than using a market data scraping tool. Even if you take care of the initial investment, the maintenance of web scrapers could lead to higher charges. Also, fixing bugs and improvements can consume more time and money.

3. Scraping the Relevant Data

Websites often have their own encoding files to safeguard and shield them from deleterious web agents. This may turn your web data scraping entirely dysfunctional for the utility. Furthermore, you have to spend much time on making it customizable for a particular website. The presence of ads, navigation elements, comments, etc. on the website can also hinder data scraping tools.

4. Integrating the Right Data

When you intend to extract the desirable data on the website you need scrapers. Distinguishing this data is important and the scraper must be customized to get exactly the desired output. The scraper must be able to find the relevant data. In such cases, the web data extraction specialists find data from a couple of websites and merge them. This prevents merging issues while building your own

5. Website Layout Complications

Websites have specific layouts depending on the usability and other layout factors. When building your own data scraping tools, the most common issue is layout.

Building your own scraper is a challenging idea as you may end up investing tremendous amounts of money and time. The web data extraction specialists, on the other hand, can provide comprehensive features without incurring huge costs.

Get in touch with our data extraction experts to gather informative insights and make your business processes better, while saving valuable time and money.


Jennifer Maxwell

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