July 3, 2020

How To Choose The Best Overseas Education Consultant

Actual reviews of many students are most important to identify the best Overseas Education Consultant for you. Please don’t rely on just the review of one or two students, try to check with as many students as possible. If you know many students who went abroad for studies, contact them and ask more about consultancy chosen by them and ask many questions like “Did you get correct advice about choosing the best matching university and the best study destination as per your criteria ?”, “Did you have enough support during University Application, preparing Statement of Purpose and Student visa application?”, “Does this agency provide support for spouse application ?” (It is important to bring your spouse to study destination after your marriage).

Here I am providing valuable tip and opportunity to get actual reviews of many students online. This is an important skill in the present world with fake reviews everywhere. First of all, identify few Overseas Education Consultants, in Ahmedabad or the city you are living in, who has nearly 5 star reviews on most trusted and transparent platforms like Google and Facebook. Please make sure that these agencies have at least 100 reviews. Also read the testimonials to judge expertise of education agent. Some have expertise in some particular study destination and some have expertise in just IELTS, TOEFL OR PTE coaching.

After that you can use the trick below to identify the true reviews online from the fake ones. Go through the Facebook page of Overseas Education Consultants you have shortlisted in your city. Then click on the review page. Then go through the profile of the students who reviewed the particular study abroad agent. Then check where the student is living ? In India or abroad ? If Student is studying in Canada, Australia or any other study destination, It’s an original review. If student is in India or there is not much information in the student’s profile, there is a higher chance of the review being fake. Check atleast 8-10 reviewers’ profile. If at least 7-8 profile pass the above test, then more chances are that the review is authentic. Also, usually in true reviews students generally share more details about him/her and their education agent. Below is a screenshot of a video to explain how to check the reviews and reviewers’ profiles.

Check credentials of Overseas Education Consultants filtered by you. Credentials like Membership of AAERI, AIRC, etc. are the most important. For Example, if you are looking for foreign education agent for Australia, AAERI Members can be the best choice. Similarly for an AIRC member can be best for study in USA. In addition to this, check the establishment year of filtered agencies. Look for agencies operating since at least 10 years. There are many fly-by-night operators in this industry, please be careful from them. Moreover, if chosen agency is promoting work permit or Immigration, please be careful if they are not approved migration lawyer.

It is better to choose the overseas education consultant which has passed relevant courses/exam of a particular study destination. They have proper knowledge of their destination countries. There are many courses for education agents. For example; EATC (Education Agent Training Course) exam and ISANA Test for National Code for Australia, Canada Course for Education Agents, Education UK Certificate for Agents, etc.

Good Overseas education agents always keep transparency. They will never guarantee Visa/PR after study for any country. Also, they will never encourage you for fraud or fake documents. Good consultants will never accept the tuition fees on behalf of the university. They will always insist that you pay the tuition fees directly to the university. If your consultant is demanding university fees in his/her account or cash, then you chose the wrong consultant. You should avoid such foreign education consultant.

Finally, Google the company name of your education consultant with a word like complaint, cheating or fraud to make sure that you choose the right overseas education consultant.

With the above guidelines, you can choose the best overseas education consultant in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or any part of the world! All the best!!!


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We observed that It’s difficult for students to choose the Best Overseas Education Consultant for themselves. Here we are providing important tips and advice to increase your chances of identifying the best Foreign Education Consultant.

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