January 26, 2021

What Software is Needed for Embroidery?

Embroidery always looks beautiful with its multitudes of designs, thanks to highly creative and intricate weaving. Although embroidery designs were conventionally done by hand, the advent of technology has made it possible for the creation of embroidery creation software.

This has overridden the manual process of embroidery, which was incredibly time-consuming.

Hence, from hand embroidery to the use of embroidery, lots of improvements have taken place, particularly in digitizing the embroidery process.

Embroidery machines were known to provide lots of flexibility, but it still had some limits that embroiderers could not readily overcome.

But thanks to digitization, several tweaks were added to the entire embroidery process, thereby unleashing the vastness that comes with using embroidery.

Also, thanks to embroidery software, machine designs can now be manipulated and altered in such a way that it produces more captivating or creative effects. Images can readily be copied or mirrored without errors; colors could be added or removed while underlays could also be deleted or added.

Even different elements from design could be merged without any limitations whatsoever.

These and many more customizations can be carried out with ease, thanks once again to the variety of creative drawings embroidery.

Embroiderers are encouraged to try out their skills with the wonders of the 21st century embroidering with embroidery making software.

However, if not done the right way, it could lead to unwanted chaos which could douse the enthusiasm that is currently shared in the industry about the magic of embroidery.

And to avoid such a scenario, it makes sense to learn how to get your hands on any of the topnotch embroidery digitizing software in the industry today.

This article will also help you to avoid the undue stress of searching the market vigorously for the best embroidery application out there today.

Quick Pointers to Take Note of While Searching for Embroidery Applications

If you are searching for the best embroidery machine for Windows or Mac, there are a few pointers that you need to pay close attention to when buying.

If you are a newbie, you should stick to using the free versions of embroidery apps out there, i.e., the basic ones.

However, if you are looking for the embroidery design software that will add several touches to your designs and elevate your embroidery skills to the next level, look for advanced embroidery application with unique features:

Versatility is a Must

A good embroidery creation software must be able to work with a wide range of embroidery machines. It must also be compatible with any operating system such as PC or Mac or both.

This is one of the most crucial aspects you need to pay close attention to before purchasing any embroidery app. Nonetheless, the best part is that the embroidery must be compatible with any equipment at your disposal.

So, take note of the type of computer and the embroidery machine you have and then check with renowned manufacturers, to see if the embroidery design software you are interested in works with the equipment you have.

Don’t let any retailer or seller coax you by telling you that all embroidery digitizing software are compatible with all devices.

Some embroidery apps can only be used with Mac while just a handful support both systems and devices.

Take your time to check this out before shelling out your hard-earned money.


Embroidery making software should be customizable, especially if you want to be creative by trying out other forms of patterns, designs, and even lettering.

This means that you should not be limited by the built-in features that come with the embroidery application.

Use Licensed Software Only

Free embroidery abounds everywhere online, and it is great to have and use them as you see fit.

However, if you want more from an embroidery making software than being able to play around or create one or two projects for yourself, you need to go for a licensed product.

Embroidery businesses handle multiple projects, and if this is you, then you need to go for paid versions or licensed copies of these embroidery design software.

Using a licensed embroidery software is for your safety and that of your embroidery machine.

For instance, if you encounter technical problems, most of the creators or manufacturers of free embroidery software are not under any obligation to help you out if you purchased and used their product.

Creators of free embroidery digitizing software do not offer customer and product support in any way.

They have no business spending time to guide you through the entire installation process if you don’t know how to go about it.

You will not receive any form of notifications about software updates if you go for free embroidery software. Moreover, if you do – in most cases – they will require more money from you.

But paid versions of creative drawings embroidery offer full access to their updates as well as excellent customer support if you run into any technical problems that you cannot handle.

This is vital because if you keep making use of outdated embroidery app, it may crash when you least expect. And this could happen when you are mid-way into an embroidery project.

Another thing you need to take note of if you go for free versions of embroidery apps is that you will only gain access to the most basic features.

Getting your hands on the advanced features is impossible unless you go for the premium version. More so, getting the licensed copy of an embroidery creation software is far better than relying on freemium embroidery software.

Price Range

The price of embroidery production management software varies from $100 to $700.

This is why it is good to note down the functionalities and features you need before deciding the amount of money you are willing to shell out on this program.

In essence, experts advise that you should not skimp if you intend to use the embroidery format conversion software commercially.

However, if you are going to be a home user, then it doesn’t make any sense for you to overpay for an embroidery software with sophisticated features that you may end up not using.

Excellent Customer Service and Product Support

The brands or creators of these embroidery software also provide unquantifiable support and excellent customer service at any time you need them, especially if you encounter a few glitches when using their products.

Some of these brands also have forums where you can ask questions or rub minds with other users or members. Therefore, product support is crucial, and you can only get it if you buy the licensed versions.

Thirdly, paid versions of embroidery software come with tons of advanced features. Once again, the product support service will be able to help you out so that you can get started with the embroidery software without undue delay.

Based on the pointers outlined above, here are some of the best embroidery application in the market today. We have even gone to the trouble of categorizing the embroidery software based on two things:

Embroidery shop administration software, and
Machine embroidery business software
Before discussing the embroidery machine in these categories, let’s take a look at the types of embroidery software that exist today.

Types of Embroidery Machine Applications

There are different types of embroidery software out there in the market these days. All you need to do is go for the one that meets your requirements and budget.

So, here they are in no particular order:

Embroidery Digitizing Software or Digitizers

This type of embroidery software is explicitly designed to convert an image to embroidery file, thereby making it ready for immediate stitching.

Embroidery digitizing software translates or digitizes the vector format into a stitch format, thus getting it ready for use.

Monogramming Embroidery Software

This is the lettering type of embroidery software, and it is mainly designed to create highly optimized stitching fonts.

Some monogramming embroidery machines may combine or merge with different modules. A few others, however, only focus on one thing at a time.


This type of embroidery software gives you both control of and access to the creative part of the design, which allows you to start from scratch and then develop all the vectorizing, digitizing, and the final stitches.

This is one of the primary reasons why you need to know the type of embroidery production management software you want before you purchase it.


This type of creative drawings embroidery software is designed to translate or digitize bitmap images into a vector format or vectorized picture.

This implies that the image undergoes a linear transformation that primes it for digitizing.


Onsite Embroidery Business Software

To successfully run an embroidery business, you must allow or plan for certain possibilities. This may involve several tiny details which may appear somewhat comprehensive on both softcopy and hardcopy documents.

Keeping up with every aspect of an embroidery shop is the untold secret to running a highly profitable – and efficient – embroidery business for a long time.

An industry-standard embroidery production management software that has been trusted for more than 20 years to alleviate the stress of running the administrative functions in embroidery shops is the OnSite Embroidery Business Software.

OnSite Embroidery Business Software makes use of several variables to give embroidery designers seamless control over the following:

  • Pricing, marketing, and sales
  • Production management
  • Purchasing and inventory
  • Accounting and financing
  • Order processing
  • Shipping

This remarkable software application provides an extensive digital environment for embroidery designers. It helps in creating much room for recording, storing as well as calculating the sheer value of all the related activities in the embroidery shop.

OnSite also has a user-friendly interface which is mainly designed with embroidery designers in mind. Hence, great value for your money is guaranteed.


Embrilliance Business Software

Embrilliance business software is embroidery software that practically covers almost everything that is needed for making embroidery with your machine. The franchise provides many embroidery programs which include a wide range of fancywork such as vectorizing, lettering, and digitizing.

They also have embroidery applications that cover advanced functions like developing designs from scratch as well as editing. These embroidery programs allow you to start the entire process from beginning to the end.


If you are interested in digitizing, you may go for Embrilliance StitchArtist (Levels 1, 2, or 3). This, of course, depends primarily on what you are looking for as well as your budget and expertise.

The embroidery digitizing software program may lack automation features, but it makes up for this slight error in other functions such as creative flexibility, design development while – at the same time – setting up desired properties – such as stitch type, etc. – or controlling shapes.

In essence, you can draw, edit, rotate, size, set stitches, and sort colors as well as carry out other properties that are required to facilitate embroidering at every level.

What makes one level different from the other has to do with the extra features that are embedded in the embroidery program. The embroidery software allows for more sophisticated and built-in designs as you go from one level to another.

Let’s take a quick look at each level:

Level 1
This is for newbies or beginners or people who want to take up embroidery as a hobby.

Level 2
If you have become proficient at handling embroidery equipment along with the complexities that come with embroidery design, then this is the best one for you.

Level 3
If you want to be an embroidery designer or if your goal is to make embroidery design your career and run it on a large scale, this is the ideal option.


  • All levels are user-friendly
  • Equipment is compatible with Windows and Mac
  • The perfect choice for those who are interested in stitch-design from scratch or for self-designs
  • Great value for your money


  • It does not have photo-to-stitch automation features

Additional Functionalities Offered by Embrilliance

StitchArtist may possess all the essential features or elements that are required for use for any embroiderer at any level; there are several functionalities which are also offered by Embrilliance via some embroidery software programs such as:

Embrilliance Essentials

This program provides embroidery designers with the essential tools that are required for altering new or existing designs such as colorization, edits or reverse changes, lettering, and many more.

Embrilliance Thumbnailer

This embroidery software program helps embroiderers to not only save but also to access or view designs with maximum ease on their PC or Mac.

Embrilliance Enthusiast Embroidery Software

This program offers multiple innovative functions such as:

  • Precise position
  • Advanced thread editor
  • Stitch editing
  • Control
  • Instant repeat scatter and carousel
  • Advanced sizing, etc.
  • This is the perfect embroidery program for a seasoned or expert embroidery designer.

Amazing Designs Digitize N Stitch Software

Amazing Designs Digitize N Stitch software is the best choice for any embroidery designer who is looking for a feature-rich, exclusive, and affordable experience.

This program allows users to automatically create unique cross-stitch, applique, border as well as various embroidery creation software designs with ease.

It is an auto-digitized embroidery creation software which will turn every one of your imaginations to reality by helping you to create exceptional, customized, and beautiful crafts.

You will be able to readily insert your favorite pictures or even clip art and convert them into stitches.

Digitize N Stitch is suitable for use by both newbies or beginners as well as advanced users. It is indeed one of the best creative drawings embroidery in the market today.


  • Highly suitable for use by both beginners and advanced users
  • This high-quality embroidery creation software easily converts images and clip arts into stitches
  • It is loaded with several innovative features and highly pocket-friendly
  • It automatically creates borders, cross-stitches, and unique appliques with a few clicks
  • It is easily one of the most favorite – and popular – embroidery machine on the market today


  • Some users find it incredibly challenging to edit images
  • A few users have complained about how difficult it is to install and operate the embroidery design software