January 28, 2021

Importance of UI and UX

For those who think UI and UX are similar concepts well, they aren’t, and they have particular roles to play. UI or user interface is what a person may interact with within a device, which could be the design, the pages, the elements like icons and buttons. Satisfying the user’s experience by improving the usability and accessibility of a service or product is known as UX or user experience.

Though they have very distinct roles to play, they both go hand in hand to enhance the holistic experience of a given website or mobile app. UI without UX results in a great looking website that is difficult to navigate while UX without UI results in a poor looking website that destroys the name and the branding of the company but that which is easy to navigate through. Hence UI and UX are both essential for an aesthetically pleasing website.

Importance of UI

UI is the face of your website. UI sets the attitude of your brand, and a good UI conveys that the business is invested and that it is serious. An effective UI should grab the attention of the user in just one glace. For a UI to be successful, it should be creatively engineered in a way that it’s pleasing to the eyes. The layout must be carefully curated not to overwhelm the user, nor should it have any loose ends.
The UI should discreetly hold and establish the tone of the brand with the look of its icons, buttons, scroll bars, animation, fonts, etc. Also, one of the key features that define a great UI is consistency, and the above-mentioned elements should be consistent throughout the website, and this includes the layout. Consistency helps the user having a pleasant viewing experience that doesn’t confuse or distract them. It helps them stay longer to know more about your business and purchase your products and services.

The consumers are always looking for something new and bold, yet something that is familiar and easy to navigate. When done correctly, UI can establish this and much more, and this increases the business’s finances as well. Understanding the goals of your company and your target audience helps in curating the right kind of UI.

The Importance of UX

UX has to be fun, new, and inviting. This is to ensure that your customers get the most out of your website, and they have a pleasant experience while they are at it. When the user’s experience is optimized, they share it with others, resulting in a rise in your website traffic.
One of the reasons why UX is addressed at the very start of the project is because a strong UX also leads to an increase in your business’ finances. This is due to the fact that they have higher retention rates and positive word of mouth that helps with more people acknowledging your brand, your products, and services. Also, there are lower expenses due to reduced negative feedback, which lowers the requirements from the customers.

As mentioned above, UX is critical when it comes to ensuring whether the user is going to spend some more time on your website or application. For this, your target audience should accept your design and adopt it. Easy navigation through your website helps this process. Once a user is on your website, there should be seamless navigation options that cater to the users’ requirements.

To finish it off, for a successful UX, the developers need to research on what the target audience wants, why they want it. Once you find an easy and intuitive way to present the results to them, you know you’ve got yourself a successful UX. A successful UX entitles you to not burden them down with too many options, but give them precisely what they need. Working on negative feedbacks at the beginning of the project establishes you with a stronger brand when it is eventually released.

At Tablo Noir, we put in a lot of research to understand and cater to both the business and the audience. This helps us in designing the best of UI and UX for each business, depending on their needs and wants. Tests are run, and feedback is given priority to tweak the website or app. This helps us in building a stronger UI/UX with fewer complaints and increased satisfaction.

Do check out some of our works to understand our thought and work process as we can’t stress enough how UI and UX go hand in hand to optimize the best consumer experience. This is what we continue to aim and achieve with every one of our clients.


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