January 26, 2021

Quality Standards Followed By a Mobile App Security Testing Provider

Are you satisfied with your present testing process? Is it really helpful in catching all the bugs every time before a new release? Have you ever struggled when your process slow down?

The tech industry is rapidly evolving, and numerous applications launched every day to enhance our lives. Today, the changes we are facing in the hi-tech environment every day are new technology, development platforms, new devices, framework, and many more. As a result, it makes the job of mobile tester more challenging and complex.

To make the mobile app launch successful, it is the responsibility of mobile app security testing service provider to use their creative skills while following the standards set by the industry.

Let’s explore quality standards that every mobile app security testing provider must follow.


Nowadays, leading testing experts encourage the involvement of automated testing and manual testing in the QA testing process. Manual testing helps in evaluating every aspect of the product. It covers a wide range of conditions and provides invaluable feedback. Therefore, it is considered as a good option for exploratory testing, ad hoc testing, and usability testing.

When it comes to cost-effective and time-saving process, experts consider supplementing manual testing with automated testing. Further, automated tests considers the best solution when it comes to performing regression tests and load tests as it needs to be performed repeatedly to get automated.

Agile Methodologies

Most experts suggest testers to implement methodologies that make the mobile testing services easier. Therefore, agile methodology considers as one of the best practice as it not only helps in creating the testing in a short series of development cycle without compromising the quality.

In testing, it is necessary to focus on both designing and development simultaneously to bring out the quality of a product. Therefore, involving automation in testing is the best option as it helps in eliminating complexity and makes the testing experience easy and reliable.

Create Test Cases

Building test cases without being biased are one of the most important criteria when we talk about quality standards. Most time, developers create positive test reports without meeting the quality standards.

Before you create test cases, ensure you execute the test cases to a different environment instead of preferring the environment you used for development. You can break the test cases in different series to evaluate if the features work. The series of test cases will help you to measure the success of testing. By following the instructions and guidelines while creating test cases helps tester in providing a clear picture of test cases within a given time.

Final Words

In short, by following these strategies for mobile app security testing, you can provide quality and uniqueness to the product.


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