August 5, 2020

Why a Business Explainer Video Will Boost Your Business

Studies have found that the average attention span of a human is constantly decreasing. Its commonly said, “one’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish.”

We are living in the 21st century, which is revered for its fast and growing pace, and in this fast-paced audience, the short attention span is a problem that needs to be taken care of. And that’s where a business explainer video comes into the scene.

Before moving on, for people who are completely new to this term, it is necessary we look at what it basically means. To understand a business explainer video, we need to agree to the fact that most of the audience is too lazy to read a description about your product. A short, catchy video, however, can grab all their attention converting bored internet surfers into enthusiastic leads, finally turning them into customers.

Explainer videos are usually (not always) short animated videos that are used by business firms to quickly tell their brand stories in a memorable way. These videos really started getting a lot of attention back in 2007 when a company called Common craft used a simple but highly effective explainer video to tell about the working of twitter.

Explainer videos work perfectly for companies that offer services that may be very hard to describe in a clear and succinct way via text. However, they are also useful for any business with a message they want to be heard.

Almost all business firms understand what they do, but to put it out in a simple language that can be understood by all people, most firms find it slightly challenging. When a web surfer visits a particular business’s website, how often does he or she leave it with a genuine idea and understanding of what the services the company provides are? This is where animated explainer video comes in use. By harnessing and making use of both the visual and auditory senses together, explainer videos increase retention rates, thus increasing the understandability of your business.

Brain science tells researchers that anything in the form of moving pictures leaves an impact on the brain far greater than written text (even though it is made colorful and catchy). Nowadays, almost all businesses utilize this, and explainer videos are an asset. Explainer videos are mostly placed on the main page of your website so that the user doesn’t have to navigate much, and he can know all about your website before he decides to leave your website. Some sites even boast of explainer videos, increasing their conversation rates by as much as 144%. Now, that’s a lot! And with that, you know you need an Explainer video for your website asap!


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