January 20, 2021

Why SEO Should be Considered as “Ongoing Process” and not as “One-Time Event”?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the evergreen digital marketing strategies delivering long term benefits to attract qualified traffic to the websites. Despite being in the application for more than two decades, there are still there are a lot of myths and unknown facts about SEO.

During one of the sales meetings regarding the provision of Search Engine Optimization solutions, one of the stakeholders raised a few questions about the duration of the SEO and stated that it is a one-time activity. Long term continuous engagement is not required for it. This indeed prompted me to write this article.

Firstly, SEO is not a one-time event and an ongoing process because the market, competition, and algorithms of the search engines keep on changing and evolving on a regular basis. In fact, SEO strategy should last as long as your business and website lasts, because achieving top position for your offerings is not enough as you have to continue your efforts to maintain that position and continue getting that 85% of the web traffic which is distributed among first page results only. In other words, not having the first-page ranking is like not having an online presence at all.

  • 93% of web traffic comes from search engines.
  • 85% of the users never go beyond the first page of search results.
  • The first 4 search results get approximately 70% of the click-through traffic.

Listed below some of the reasons why SEO takes a long time to generate results and why monthly SEO services are necessary.

The market is constantly changing

The market evolves regularly, and so does the businesses. The business which was present a few years ago is no longer relevant now. The language on the website evolves with the market and reflect the keywords used by the prospects and customers.

We cannot foresee what is coming next, but if you stand still, the competition will overtake you. Hence SEO should be considered as an ongoing process to evaluate the market conditions regularly and accordingly respond promptly.

Continuously changing search engine algorithms

As stated by experts, google (having 93% of the market share of search engines worldwide) changes its search and indexing algorithms almost 400 times a year. It changes its ranking algorithm daily to ensure customers getting the relevant results and keep the outcome superior to the competitors.

So in order to stay on the top of the competition with the changing game rules, one time SEO activity is not sufficient, and there have to be regular efforts because what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

Constantly changing competition

As they say, the market is not a landscape but an ever-changing skyscape; it keeps on changing just as quickly. Competition turf changes every day and with its teams and players as well. As thousands of websites get launched every day, meaning new companies enter your domain every day and change many parameters along with it.

Not only product and service offerings change, but many players who did not pay attention to SEO decides to get into the game and begin to ramp up the efforts to outrank you. Thus it becomes a full-time job to monitor and keep track of all the changes to achieve and maintain your business rankings.

So irrespective of your offerings SEO should be at the core of your digital marketing strategy to grab and maintain the first positions in the search engine results.

Also, it has to be considered that Google does not go with immediate improvements in your site as they have to deliver the best possible experience to its customers. Besides, it is not necessary that implemented changes give you the desired result and rankings immediately and may require modifications and efforts on day to day basis. To conclude, SEO campaigns must be ongoing to enable the online existence of your business to be aligned with the flow and continue to go and thrive.


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