August 8, 2020

What are the Reasons to Use Hullo Jobs Visual CV?

Top three reasons to select Hullo Jobs Pocket Resumes

In an increasingly competitive world with numerous equally qualified applicants for the same position, to catch a recruiter’s eye is a priority.

A visual resume is an enhanced version of the traditional resume – a combination of text and infographics presenting the candidate’s information and the qualifications relevant for gainful employment.
Like a regular CV, it is the first point of contact between a job seeker and a recruiter, and certain characteristics of this infographical format will help the candidate express themselves even before meeting prospective candidates.

In aspects like experience, certain skill sets, keywords & achievements, the structure of a visual resume makes it easier for recruiters to seek these out without many efforts!

Hullo Jobs presents to jobseekers our own development of a visual CV – the Pocket Resume, a quality value-added tool that allows the jobseeker to go paperless, make an impact on the recruiters and enhance their job search process.

How can jobseekers harness the benefits of your Visual Resume?

By using various templates made available by Hullo Jobs, users can select the layout of their choice, bringing focus to their experience and how relevant their skills are to the job position at hand.
It is advised that job seekers customize resumes by including the right keywords in the executive summary section of their resume, so recruiters can easily glance at the necessary information.

Primary goal is to attract reader’s attention instantly

Infographic resumes are a great way to draw the attention of a recruiter working with limited time and many resumes to read through. The resume that attracts the attention of the recruiter has far greater chances of being selected. Some of the important points to note while preparing a resume are listed below.

1. First impressions matter:

A visual resume creates a compelling first impression, so prepare a keyword-rich resume, as they glance quickly.

Using a pre-designed resume template will improve the appearance and value of the resume, it is best advised to keep it simple and neat. Draw attention to the qualifications and achievements in the most direct terms.

2. Shorter attention spans of readers:

Most recruiters are looking at several resumes in the span of a single day; they have limited time to go through all the resumes in detail. In this case, a visual resume with infographics and a smart layout will naturally stand out and take lesser time to scan, making the initial part of the decision making that much easier.

3. Stronger social media brand:

Create a strong visual brand to make a greater impact on your application; today’s competitive job market demands it; a well-designed visual CV helps you to do this efficiently.

It’s more about highlighting what is essential while not wasting time with lesser relevant details. Information overloading is to be avoided, and presenting the best parts of your experience will convey a complete and wholesome profile.

Ask yourself: How will you add value to the company, use this as the parameters for the buzzwords and keywords you will use in your visual resume.

This is what helps our Pocket Resume gain an edge over other peers in the market. Our visual resume is empowered with a smart card (QR code enabled card) called Pocket Resume, which allows users to go paperless, by linking anyone who scans the code to the jobseeker’s profile with Hullo Jobs. There’s a short link, too, that arrives on the same webpage, making it unnecessary for the candidate to carry a paper resume at all times!

By storing their certificates and credentials online in the Hullo Jobs Cloud Space, users no longer have to physically transport important documents.
One of the primary features of our visual resume are the various categories of experience levels – so users can choose what template best suits them, streamlining the process of resume building.

With our Pocket Resume, you get several key features to help you stand apart.

  • Engage the recruiter’s attention faster
  • Draw focus to their best qualities
  • Demonstrate they are right for the job
  • Go paperless, with QR code scanning & short link to reach their profile
  • Store their certificates in the Cloud Space so recruiters can access anytime
  • CV templates according to their experience level

The use of a creative, well expressed and compact presentation of individual and professional qualities, that is achieved with the help of a smartly created visual resume is a key confidence-building tool and one which helps job seekers to make a positive impact on interviewers even before their first interview. To learn more about the benefits and methods of availing special offers on the Hullo Jobs Pocket resume, about the kind of templates they need and the other key features of an excellent tool that helps enhance your profile and, in turn, your job search, by visiting here



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