January 21, 2021

Design Verification and Validation

With a growing number of mobile devices, an increasing amount of user-created data, and social media companies like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube etc., processing that considerable amount of data begets a need for faster server processors. And in order to make server processors faster, semi-conductor companies are coming up best in class process node technologies along with improving Chip Architecture. X-86 architecture is the dominant architecture in both Server space and Client/Desktop space. On the other hand, ARM architecture is dominant in the mobile segment.

In both cases, the ASIC/FPGA chips based on these architectures are becoming more complex. And, when the design of a chip becomes more complex, it becomes a challenging and daunting task to verify them. A verification engineer has to come up with a comprehensive test plan that would essentially exercise all use case scenarios. He also needs to verify scenarios that would make sure any external intruder is not able to have access to the data being processed by the chip.

There are two kinds of verification in Industry:

  1. Pre-silicon Verification.
  2. Post-silicon Verification ( also called “Validation” )

Pre-silicon verification is done when a behavioral model of the design called RTL is ready. Post-silicon Verification a.k.a Validation is done when chip comes back from fab to test any chip fabrication issues. Both kinds of verification have their own challenges.

While it is imperative for a post-silicon verification engineer to be in the lab where he has to work on a platform, it gives a lot of flexibility to a pre-silicon verification who can work from any part of the world if he has access to right tools on his computer. This paves the way for remote teams being established in low-cost geographical locations that save a lot of money to big corporates, which otherwise have to spend millions of dollars on resources at high-cost locations like Bay Area in the USA and Bangalore in India. The idea is good, but it needs a lot of collaboration, and few experienced verifications to be physically present at these low-cost locations. Asictronix is one company that offers its quality verification services with a 2x-3x cost advantage over comparable design services companies.

Asictronix ASIC design services company that can provide design resources and turnkey solutions specific to your needs. Whatever ASIC design services you require, we will deliver a solution that addresses the unique problem you are trying to solve.

ASICtronix is the leading SoC, ASIC, Embedded software design Services Company committed to deal with client’s challenges into remarkable accomplishments by listening to them, learning their wants, and making a substantial differentiation.

We are a team of dedicated engineers, designers, developers with significant experience in Front-to-Back ASIC design and verification, embedded software expertise in complete board support packages, device drivers, operating system porting, middleware, library porting, Protocol Stacks and System Quality Assurance.

Well balanced teams make ASICtronix as the perfect match for corporations looking for cost-effective solutions, time to market deliverable in the competitive technology arena.



We do a comprehensive design verification & testing to catch all bugs in pre-silicon phase, achieving 100% Functional & Code Coverage. Our team has experience in building modular and reusable verification environment.

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