October 27, 2020

12 Best SEO Techniques

12 Best SEO techniques that will definitely rank your website on google. Everybody can implement these techniques yourself without the help of any Freelancer. So let’s read it.

1. Front-load your Title Tag

Try to use your keyword in the name of “Title” of your website’s page or blog. It will help your page to rank better. If your title is your keyword, then Google will understand what your page is about. Then if anybody runs search on a search engine on your keyword then, Google will identify your post, and then it will show your post to the visitor. It is a type of indicator to search engine that your post is relevant to the keyword searched by a visitor of a search engine. Google needs this indicator without using this indicator, and your post will never rank on your search engine whether your post is good or not. But don’t forcibly or un-meaningfully enter your keyword in the Title tag. For doing it practically, Change your keyword according to the title. You can have a different keyword for different posts. So you don’t need to change your title. Just change or add a keyword.

2. Make Short URLs

Always make short URLs. URLs are as short as better. URLs are the links to your website. While posting your post, you can edit your URL. URLs that are long are waste. URLs should be relevant and short. Short URLs eases to crawlers of search engines to read your website faster.

3. Use Multimedia in Blog Post

Use images or videos in your blog’s post or on your website’s page because Images and graphics make your post attractive to the visitor, but remember not to use much multimedia because it increases your file size and therefore loading speed of your website may increases. It is possible that the user will leave your website if they didn’t see even a single image in your posts. Webpage full of text sounds very un-attractive, so the viewer will not stay until a minute on your website. Webpage without any image sounds like the website is created by an unprofessional man. So Attractive Images are must for gathering audience on website

4. Use Outbound Links

Outbound links mean that you should link your website’s text to the URL of other websites’ pages. Just link a few words or a line only. You can link that word or line to the page that briefly explains the meaning of that word or line. But always remember never link your text to the webpage of the website which is attractive and useful. Otherwise, the viewer may leave your website and get shifted to another website forever. The webpage that you are linking your text with should be irrelevant to your business but relevant to the linked text. You can use your own website for this if you have any. It indicates a search engine that what your text is about and helps in ranking faster.

5. Use Correct Heading Tags

Select the text, then right-click and, then you will see H1, H2, or H3 Tag. Adjust this Tag according to the text. It gives a better view of the viewer. H means Heading, T means title, and P means paragraph. The use of correct tags increases the usability of your website. It will increase the ease to the customer to read your website’s text. Otherwise, the viewer can be get confused that from where this paragraph ends and from where it gets started. In this irritation, the viewer may close your website.

6. Use Modifier in Titles

Words like ‘Top,’ ‘Best,’ and ‘New’ are called Modifiers. These modifiers increase the viewers’ attraction towards the post. Therefore, the possibility of the viewer to open your post increases. Words like Top and Best grab viewer’s attraction. Use modifiers in the Title tag. It is possible that the viewer had also searched using modifiers, then google will display your post first so the ranking of your post will increase.

7. Use Social Sharing Buttons

It is recommended to always display social sharing buttons that are linked to your social media accounts. Link it with your social media accounts that are relevant to your business. Using Social share buttons increases the trust of your customer on you. Customers can directly contact you from there. Displaying your social media accounts anywhere else is not worth it. Social sharing buttons display your social media accounts at the right place in the right manner.

8. Research on Keyword

There are many websites, such as lsigraph.com, from where you can analyze that which keyword is suitable for you. Never choose your keyword yourself. Always analyze it. These type of websites reads your website’s content completely on that basis it tells you that which keyword is most suitable. It also tells how much the audience exists on which keyword.

9. Internal Linking

Link your website’s text with other posts on the same website. It increases the presence of visitors on the website. A visitor will not need to go to another website for other information if he/she gets that information from the linked page.

10. Image Optimization

There are many websites from where you can optimize images such as compressor.io . Optimizing images means reducing its file size. The file size of the image can be reduced. Reducing the File size of the image is important because the File size of the image reflects on the loading speed of the website. A website with a lesser file size will load faster. If the website’s loading speed is low, then the visitor may not wait for the loading of your website.

11. Rich Snippets/Schema

Create snippets for all pages of your websites. It tells Google that ‘what your page is,’ is it an Article, Resume, business or etc. On its basis, google can rank your website in search results in the right place. You can get your schema from technicalseo.com

12. Backlinks (Off-Page SEO)

Creating backlinks of website is a very simple term. Backlink means post a comment or blog on other’s website. It’s the advantage that Google will notice that your website is mentioned everywhere, and then Google will assume that your website is becoming popular. So Google will give a higher rank to the webpages of your website. But you have to post on websites that are similar to your industry.


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