January 26, 2021

Unseen Historical Places In India

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate World Heritage Day this April 18th, a good way to do it is by appreciating some of the many unseen historical places in India. There are hundreds of unexplored historic sites across the country that have incredible cultural significance. And so we at BLive have compiled a list of some of the best historical places to explore for your next vacation:

1. Bishop House, Kochi

Snuck up between hills, the Bishop’s House is a sight to see. A visit to this place will serve as a study in Gothic architecture from the arches to the garden paths. More so, this place boasts of a unique artifacts collection from churches under the Cochin diocese, definitely not something you can miss!

2. Kanak Vrindavan, Jaipur

You must have heard of Amber Fort, yes, but have you also heard about Kanak Vrindavan Garden, located just in its footsteps? This hidden gem has everything to offer. Be it in the form of architecture, a rich blend of Mughal and Rajput histories, or the sprawling gardens that house a sacred spot where several rivers meet, this iconic place of rich heritage has it all!

3. Mahila Bagh Jalra, Jodhpur

So the story goes that a beautiful and wealthy concubine called Mayla commissioned this stepwell, and over the years, that Mayle turned to Mahila meaning lady and the name stuck! Immersed in many such stories and built with the popular pink sandstone, this is, without a doubt, one of the must-visit historical places in Jodhpur.

4. Trinesvaraswamy Temple, Mysore

This ancient temple is situated close to the Mysore Fort but still remains one of the unexplored historical places in India. This temple is dedicated to Trinesvara, the three-eyed avatar of Lord Shiva. Along with its historical heritage, it is special for its incredible and unique Dravidian style architecture. It is a hotspot for tourists and pilgrims alike.

5. Arikamedu, Puducherry

It’s not just cafes and iridescent beaches here in Puducherry. When it comes to exploring historical places in India, this place has quite a few cards up its sleeve. Dating back to 300 BC, Arikamedu stands as a relic of trade links to the Roman Empire. This “mother of all bead centers” is just the perfect place for all history buffs and archaeology lovers!

These are just some of the amazing historical places in India that should be on your next travel list. All of these places are perfectly preserved and best experienced up close. This is why the best way to immerse yourself in these historic travel destinations is on one of BLive’s exclusive e-bike tours.

Our guided tours let you dive into the rich history of these iconic locations in complete comfort while exploring them as closely as possible. Our local expert captains will help you discover the stories behind each landmark you visit and make the most of your trip. And finally, our battery-powered e-bikes will make exploring a breeze while leaving zero carbon footprint, letting you do your part in preserving these incredible heritage sites. BLive experiences are available in 7 states across the country. You can try our curated tours in Goa, Coorg, and Gujarat, so your fun doesn’t have to end here.

This heritage day, discover the pieces of living history that wait for you across the country and discover them in a whole new way with BLive.



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