November 24, 2020

5 Branding Trends to Follow in 2020

What is Branding?

Branding actually defines a business, and most of all sets it apart from the competitors. In recent years, the strategy related to brand promotion has grown rapidly. Any branding team must understand the recent trends of branding and what is at stake in this industry.

For example, having a catchy logo and brand name does not guarantee you success or attract the interest of modern customers. For starters, we need to understand what piques the interest of any kind of customers from all demographics. Having analyzed these data, only helps you start on the path to branding success.

2020 is nothing but trouble for these marketing practices. Thus I have compiled some brand marketing trends to follow in 2020.

1. Focus on Natural Branding

Yes, nowadays, catchy phrases are used to attract possible customers. But as far as you know, many Big brands use natural branding as their marketing strategy. Earth Toned or being eco-friendly has become quite essential concepts of design and brand promotion. These earth-friendly concepts have become cultural phenomena, and there comes the evolution of brand designs that are close to nature.

2. Social Media Branding

Do you know around 90% of businesses choose social media platforms for brand awareness. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube has become a major platform for these businesses to target the desired customers to build their brand.
Rather than short term viral moments, the business who focus on long term engagement has succeeded in driving conversions with customers. Especially in 2020, customers lean more to the concept of social shopping, and big brands are investing their efforts in Social ads since consumers are more comfortable with social media.

3. Adaption of Logo Design

Companies need to be seen everywhere, but they also need to keep the quality of their logo design. In 2020, many companies are choosing to create shape-shifting, adaptable logo designs. Why Shape-Shifting logo designs? You may ask. By having adaptable logo designs, these companies ensure the consistency of their brand from the consumer’s point of view.

4. Branding focusing on Customer

In recent years, the business has always been about customers, not the way around. So what now?
Build your brand marketing strategy based on customer, not just customer surveys and all. Major companies are accompanying customers to take part in their creative process. As for why, it’s simple, it empowers the customer and let them see new sight of the brands.

5. Influence of Influencers

Influencers have taken a huge part in modern brand and digital marketing campaigns. Consumers tend to hear the word of influencers over brand authenticity. As for why, influencers are the consumers. Around 70% of brand managers are creating marketing strategies based on influencer marketing”

2020 will be new, so will the trends in the Branding Industry. Creative Designs based on consumers are really effective in the customer-based market.


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