December 2, 2020

12 Must Watch Bollywood Movies

In this quarantine, when we are free from our work from home on weekends, we can actually binge watch some of the best works of Bollywood. There are lots of movies that went unnoticed and deserved appreciation from audiences. So now is the time to binge-watch these movies and consume some great content of Bollywood.

So, here I am with a list of 12 movies you should definitely watch in your free time.

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti is one of the best works of Director Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra. It is a story of a college group of students who enjoy life to the fullest. Every one of us has been there and has lived college life and loved it. We meet new people who become important parts of our lives. So, one girl named Sue, who is into film-making, chooses some of the students to portray Indian freedom fighters. During this process, the student’s patriotism awakens. The situation makes them emotional and turns them into a rebel for a cause. The movie leaves us with a strong message. Do we want a change in our society? If your answer is yes, then be the change or else keep on crying for your situation.


Lakshya is a movie of a young boy who is unsure about his career. Well, we have all been there, aimless and directionless in our lives. However, waking up at the right time makes us focus on the things that are important and unblur the ones who aren’t. In this movie, Karan, the aimless boy finally decides to join the Indian Army. The movie revolves around how Karan becomes focused on his life. This movie inspires us a lot to decide the path of our lives and pursue it with passion and enthusiasm.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This movie is about three friends who planned a road trip to Spain. This movie is a treat to watch, and you can’t get bored with it. The drama, comedy, and some heart-touching poems in between will take you to another zone. So, watch Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and enjoy your weekend at home.


Swades is an awesome movie one should definitely watch once in a lifetime. It is a movie about a scientist who comes to India to take his nanny to America. While in India, he realizes his roots and stays back in India. This movie got critical acclaim and was said that it was ahead of its time. Now it’s one of the Hindi classic movies.

OMG – Oh My God

OMG is a movie where a common man sues God. Yes, you heard it right. Now even God has been sued for its deeds. This fiction movie has comedy, great performances by its lead actors, and satire at its best. Paresh Rawal nailed the character of Kanjibhai, and Akshay Kumar, who played Lord Krishna, was a treat to eyes. So, watch this movie and enjoy the best amalgamation of humor and satire.


Are you a fan of the thriller movie genre? Then this movie is a must-watch for you. Vidya Balan plays the role of Vidya Bagchi, who comes down to Kolkata in search of her husband. This mystery thriller got critical acclaim as well as the love from the audience. So watch this masterpiece.


This movie is a movie that got unnoticed by the audiences. This movie had a great performance by Rajkumar Rao and other co-actors, too, in a supporting role did a splendid job. This movie is about an activist lawyer Shahid Azmi who fights to provide justice to those who got falsely convicted of terrorism. This movie will surely touch your heart.


This movie revolves around Shashi, a housewife and a mother who gets mocked by his husband and children for not knowing English. Further, she learns the language and discovers herself and redefines her value. The movie had Late Sri Devi as a protagonist. This movie is worth watching and leaves us with the message that housewives are not less than anyone, and we should always respect her for unnoticed efforts and love her even more.


Iqbal, is about a boy who is deaf and mute dreams of playing cricket with the Indian cricket team. His disabilities hinder his selection and ask out help from a retired coach to train him. This movie is the best example of Simplicity at its best. The performances were exceptional, and one must watch this movie.

A Wednesday

Another thriller movie that you will love after watching it. The movie shows a retired police officer who reminisces about a case he will never forget in his life. The case that is unregistered and still haunts him till date. A commoner who takes a wild step to stop terror in his country. The exceptional performances and a good storyline make it extraordinary.


Badla is a thriller drama movie full of suspense and twists. This is a movie that will keep you glued at the screen. The story revolves around Naina i.e Tapsee Pannu, who is shown as a successful entrepreneur. She gets caught in a series of accusations and takes the help of a reputed lawyer to help her out.


Last but not least, Drishyam is a mind-blowing movie. The movie is about a common man Vijay who protects his family and leaves no stone unturned. The movie is gripping, and you will bite your nails while watching it. So, watch this fantastic movie with your family and enjoy your quarantine.

So, this was the list of the movies you should definitely give a shot.



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