December 1, 2020

What Is Digital Marketing, Types of Digital Marketing, Benefits of Digital Marketing

What is a digital market, what are its benefits, how are they, in response to all these things, I will give you this blog.

What Is Digital Marketing

Today, millions of people are using the internet to buy goods or services they need, and whether it is for personal use or commercial use, on the internet, there are many websites, blogs, apps on which people like the stuff and which He likes the goods by making an online payment or cash on delivery and buying the internet or buying the entire process of goods or service through digital market or internet. Marketing says

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Target Audience

In Digital Marketing, you can postulate a particular audience according to your product, assuming you have a men’s clothing shop, you will want to show ads to men only.


Who has seen your shopping website, which age group has seen, where have you seen such as in India or in the US, from which website, how many people have seen, who has liked your product, who did not like, know all these things When you promote your website.

Type of Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money by promoting or selling the mall of another company or factory.

Many companies run their affiliate programs, earn commissions by promoting or selling any of their products or services, and believe it can also be a commission million.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: A way to the market where we use influencers, it is not necessary that influencer marketing is done to sell any goods.

Influence marketing is also used to sell malls, movie promotions, traffic to websites, promotion of products, or any other registration.

Influencers are those who motivate to take any action.

Influencers are those who have a large viewer or audience base. Examples: You have one million subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so you are a good influence.

Video Marketing

When a company attracts its audience or people of groups by creating videos to sell or promote its product, it is called video marketing.

Social Media Marketing

When a company promotes or sells its brand using social media platform, it is called social media marketing, for example, the ads which run on YouTube, ads promotion on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Content Marketing

Today, when you see an advertisement, it is all in the form of text, image, video, audio, or infographic. There is valuable content on all these by promoting this content to the target audience and promoting or selling your product service. The entire process is called content marketing.

Email Marketing

Many companies, banks, insurance companies send promotional emails for their product or service. This method is very effective because people do check their email id right now. But in this, you must have complete email data.

Search Engine Marketing

When any person needs any goods, services, or information, he first types it by going to Google search engine or any other search engine, and there he can easily find the goods, services, the information he needs. Goes and pays what the user likes and buys it; this process is called search engine marketing.

Goods in a search engine, details of service comes through the companies’ website, and some people share their experience, information, knowledge.