February 28, 2021

Indoor Card Games You Can Play In Quarantine

This pandemic has hit hard on us and left us in splits. But we need to be calm and composed in these difficult times. In this digital age, we have many series to binge-watch and online games to play, but card games with family hit differently. It keeps everyone happy and reminds us of the good old days we had during our childhoods when there were no smartphones, digital platforms, etc., to keep our eyes glued to the screen. Here we are with the list of some amazing games we can play with our loved ones in these difficult times.

So let’s dig in.


Rummy is one of the popular card games you can play during the quarantine. This game can be played with 2-4 people. Each player is given 10 cards each. So, the objective of this game is to make 3 sets of cards that can be arranged in a sequence but with the same suit. Or you can make a set of the same number of cards, for example, 5,5,5 of different suits. So play this super fun game with your family.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is also one of the most popular card games played in India. This one is for people who love gambling. The game can be played with any number of players. But mostly 4 to 7 people can play this game. The idea of the game is to gamble and win money. Before the game begins, everyone decides the minimum money to keep in the pot. The objective is to get the cards in the same rank or sequence with the same suit or sequence without the same suit. The player that wins the game will be rewarded by the money kept in the pot. We all have played this game with our family. So why not now we play this game to kill our time. This game can turn out to be the best time killer as there is a win-win situation even for every participant because the money is going to remain within the family members only. So no matter how much you bet the money, in the end, the money will only be within the family.

Satte pe Satta

This game is played with 3 to 8 players. The objective of this game is to get rid of the cards first. The game starts with the player having 7 of hearts. The next player needs to have 6 or 8 of hearts if he doesn’t have it, then he/she has to pass. Now, if the player has 7 of any other suit, then the card can be played. Hence the game progresses until all suits are laid down from ace to king. In this game, the players can outsmart their fellow players by using a strategy like blocking other player’s cards.


Bluff is also one of the fun card games one can play in free time. This game is played between 3 to 10 players. The goal of this card game is to get rid of the cards before anyone else. Each player gets 4 cards. Any player can start this game, claiming them to be a set or anything. The other players get a chance to either challenge or pass the chance. If the one who challenges the player and it happens to be true, he can get rid of the card; otherwise, he needs to pick the accumulated cards. This game needs you to bluff your opponents with your lies and truths. This can be done with some practice and a straight face. So, enjoy bluffing your family.


This game can be played with any number of players. It is one of the fun games you can play with your family. Only one card is kept hidden, and the rest are distributed among the players. Any player who begins the game needs to shed one card and give it to the player sitting beside him/her. Similarly, every player needs to shed and pass it to their adjacent player. Until a player manages to have 4 cards of the same rank, then he/she would immediately put their cards down silently. Seeing this other player also needs to do the same. The one player who isn’t aware will lose the round and will receive D in his/her score. The game continues until any player receives the whole word “Donkey”. Isn’t this a cool game to play around with your family?

So, these were some of the most popular and fun games you can play with your family. Don’t stress about this pandemic, and keep yourself calm and happy. I am sure these games will definitely help you out to stay happy. So have fun with your family playing these super cool games.



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