September 23, 2020

Strategy to Build a Strong Remote Team

The concept of building dedicated Remote software teams has become an important strategy, primarily due to a shortage of software engineering talent in the United States & Canada (A research estimates that by 2021 there will be a shortage of 1.4 million software developers in the US). So, companies are now hiring international talent to complement and support their local talent to scale their business operation and improve their efficiency with greater profitability. Learn how hiring a remote team drives tremendous business growth.

To ensure the successful set up of Remote software teams, building a successful relationship with your offshore partner is a must. A Reliable offshore partner makes scaling up of your business easy. You can expand your premises and recruit talent globally.

As a client, you should look at your team of remote developers as a value-adding extension of your existing workforce. Your remote dedicated development team must be integrated with your current team and be under your vision and goal.

Make your Remote team aware of your business goals, which you wish to achieve in the short and long term—enabling them to think beyond the task and provide you with innovative and creative solutions.

Maintaining a higher level of collaboration with your Remote Team enables you to achieve incredible benefits. Treating your virtual team as a part of your in-house team will encourage and motivate them to go that extra mile to solidify the relationship, motivating them to put in that extra effort, time, and technical skill into building great software solutions.

As your remote software developers operate thousands of miles away, it is essential to build trust while managing the virtual team. You need to provide the desired freedom and authority to perform their job. This trust enables the remote employees to become your team in all sense, except that they work from virtual locations instead of working locally.

Wondering what can be achieved with a remote team? Or whether you are looking to hire remote developers, please feel free to reach out to us.

Star Knowledge has extensive experience in building virtual teams for clients around an exhaustive list of Microsoft technologies. We’ve proven track record of setting up a highly-skilled remote dedicated development team for Microsoft Partners and service providers. Get in touch with us to know more.

Remote teams are blooming. Businesses around the world are saving huge on infrastructure and HR overhead by hiring remote developers. And here’s you can build a strong remote team. Recruiting local developer talent in the US & Canada is not easy. Finding the right talent and onboarding them at the right time to meet the requirement of projects is very difficult. Going beyond the Geographical barriers to access Global talent can prove to be invaluable, and hiring a remote team is what it takes.

As per Forbes, you can find an incredible talent pool by expanding your workforce beyond your geographical location. If you limit yourself to your area, you may face stiff competition from your peers, who are also looking to hire the same talent.

Software Engineers are the most highly paid workforce today in the US & Canada. When you hire them locally, you spend more on their wages – which results in higher costs, making them more expensive.

Hiring a Remote Team enables you to have access to a large pool of qualified remote software engineers – engineers who are focused on delivering top quality solutions – at a fraction of cost.

Remote teams (aka virtual teams) also help you take up the growth driving opportunities, which you are typically turning down due to limited capacity. Your access to a large pool of remote dedicated developers in dispersed geographical location enables you to build you your capacity quickly and in a short period – typically in less than two weeks.


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Remote teams are blooming. Businesses around the world are saving huge on infrastructure and HR overhead by hiring remote developers. And here's you can build a strong remote team.

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