January 17, 2021

How Can You Help Your Child Handle The Stress Of Everyday Life?

Memories of childhood spring up with mesmerizing vibes that are so dear to us. We had had the best times when we were kids. But do our kids feel the same fascinating? I wonder not.

Children in this competitive world are racing away from their lives with anxiety and stress. The education system is battling with increased extra-curricular activities, new sports ventures, trimmed up the syllabus, augmented reality education, etc. Parents wish their kids to fight this battle with the best swords of practice and hard work. Kids are no doubt enjoying advanced and comfortable lives but are juggling with the emotions and environment that they are constantly thrown up to.

As a parent, we can try and reduce some of that anxiety as follows:

1. Deal with stress

We should be with our kids with patience and calmness. Our decorum and love are the only attributes that grant the power to stay emotionally stable. So, we need to develop an environment of love and care to feel secure and motivated.

2. Overscheduling only hurts

We tend to believe that scheduling might sort all the stress issues. But overscheduling will tie kids up to things, burdening them more. Just making a timetable, losing the time schedules will work out magic. Children can do wonders when they are free and on their own. Kids need to understand that failures are part of the success and should be sporty about them.

3. Understanding their bodies

Realizing that more anxiety and stress could pop bubbles in the stomach can help them calm down rather than worrying further.

Or cranky mood could be because of hunger. So eating on time and keeping hydrated works.
Such body signs make them deal with the situations.

4. Sleeping Pattern

Early to bed and early to rise is the mantra that worked for years. Carry it forward. Years of research have proved that mornings give you optimistic energy and a clear mind to enthusiastically process the whole day. And nights are meant to calm your body and relax. So let kids relieve all the stress at night and make a good morning start.

5. Make time for play

Enough time to play and relax will reduce their burden of stress and make them happy. That is what matters, right?