November 30, 2020

7 Tips On How To Retain Your Clients

The competition in the freelancing market is quite challenging. That is why it is very important to in-trust credibility and great work to every project you have to make your clients loyal to your services. Also, building your relationship with your client is not that easy.

In this article, it will help you in retaining your clients in simple ways. Here are tips for keeping your existing clients happy and impressing to retain them.

1. Understand how to deliver high-quality tasks

Clients are paying you in exchange for your services. As a freelancer, it is your responsibility to deliver the outputs you are required to fulfill, but it takes the initiative for a freelancer to take the extra mile in accomplishing the tasks. Understanding how to deliver high-quality tasks is essential, and it is obligatory for every freelancer in order to establish a good relationship with the client. Always check your finished tasks multiple times before sending it to your client, check if there are errors or if it needs improvement.

2. Research your client business

Before you start your project with your client, it is very important to understand your client’s business. Also, you need to be informed about the vision, mission, and values that your client’s business believes but why? It is because when you understand the run and the process of your client’s business, it will be easier for you to fulfill the services that your client is expecting you to do.

3. Find out your competitors

In order to stay competitive, you need to look at what your competitors are doing, understand the strategies they have, and improve your business as a freelancer. Staying fierce in the competition is essential because everything is constantly changing, and you’ll never know you are already left behind, and no one will hire you anymore.

4. Respect your deadlines

Meeting the deadline ensures a smooth flow of the business while making your client happy. But, sometimes an efficient freelancer does not mean that he/she never misses a deadline. There are instances wherein the task is complicated, and it requires more time to guarantee the quality of the output, meeting the deadline is not the top priority. If you experience the same scenario, inform your client ahead to understand and extend your deadline.

5. Update them regularly

Communication is the key to an effective working relationship. As much as possible, try to respond to your client’s questions quickly, give updates on whatever your progress (or it depends if what your client prefers), and make sure to ask questions in advance about the deadline so that you both have time to sort any issue just in case there are problems that you will encounter.

6. Ask for Feedback

Every time you’re done with your project, always ask for feedback because this feedback will be your basis in improving your next projects. Another thing is that when you ask for feedback, it shows that you care about doing a well-done project, and you’re welcome for any criticism. Feedback will also help you to identify things that you can improve in your future clients, and if your client likes your work, they will be more likely to hire you again.

7. Go an extra mile

Once you exceed your clients’ expectations, getting hired again from your client will be a big chance. If you always follow your client’s instructions and take the extra mile in every project you are doing, your client will eventually re-hire you or refer you to his friends.


Freelancing is a competitive marketplace. You should treat every client with care. Follow these simple ways, and you will get more referrals from your client due to your hard work.

We hope this article will help you a lot to retain your client in the long run.

We desire all the best in your digital career. Happy freelancing!

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