February 28, 2021

Ecofriendly & Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastic

Plastic is a dangerous material that causes many harmful effects on the Environment. Plastics are the biggest challenge in the world. Most people are using plastic because it is available at a low price without knowing its harmful nature. As the population increases, the rate of pollutions is also increasing rapidly. We should take a necessary step to stop using plastic and should find the best alternative to plastics. Here are some ideas to get rid of plastic in your day to day life.

Reusable bags

We all have used plastic carry bags while shopping. After using it, we just throw it on the ground, and we will be stuck up with some other work, but it will have a huge impact on earth for several years. Now, most shopping malls and supermarkets are providing reusable bags for their customers. This is one of the best initiatives. We should have bags made up of cotton, leather, jute, etc. in our hands before going shopping.

Menstrual cups

The conventional sanitary napkins have got more plastics in it. It is the most important thing in every women’s life. Due to this situation, imagine the staggering amount of plastic waste that is dispelled into the Environment across the world due to sanitary napkins. An average woman disposes of a minimum of 150kg of the napkin in her lifetime. The best alternative for sanitary napkins is the menstrual cup. It is reusable, hygiene, and made of medical-grade silicone. Many brands do not contain latex, dyes, or BPA. Menstrual cups not only save our money but also possibly save our Environment.

Glass or stainless steel bottles

Single-use plastic bottles are available all around the world. We will use it only till the water gets over, and we will just throw it somewhere. Rather than using plastic bottles, we should buy a glass or stainless steel bottle, which will have a long run and improves our health, and they are durable. It does not have any chemical coating around it, and it is sustainable.

Eco-friendly plates or Cutlery

The use of plastic plates and plastic cutlery are mostly seen in parties and picnics. It will be staggered after use. People who love nature will always recommend their friend to use disposable cutlery and Eco-plates. Eco-friendly plates are made up of fallen Areca Plam leaves, wood, etc.. It is natural and renewable. After using the areca plate, it can be used as fertilizer too.

Bamboo or wooden toothbrush

In the world, 90% of people are using a plastic toothbrush for brushing their teeth. While brushing, some amount of chemical in toothbrush will allow directory enter into our body and cause an abundant effect. The bamboo brush is made of mostly sustainable materials that will decompose naturally without harming humans and nature. It is the best choice for nature lovers.

Plastic is hurting our Environment every year, we produce 3 crore tons of plastics, and 60% of it is single-use plastic. We use it for a few seconds and throw it back and blaming nature. We are one who harms the ocean, forest, land, etc.. Plastic should be avoided, and natural products or sustainable products should be used as an alternative to save nature. Start using natural products. Nature will gift you with lots of surprises.


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