November 28, 2020

Top 4 Key Benefits of Having a Web Application for Businesses

As internet usage across the globe rises among all the workplaces, the web application is considered to be an important tool for the business. The most common usage among them includes communication with customers, collaboration with employees, secure storage of data, and to provide legitimate data and information to the management.

When it comes to promotion of the business, web application development is becoming the trend for E-commerce Companies around the world. A web application is a PC program that enables you to sign in to a web address so as to submit and recover information to/from a database over the web.

Web Application: Definition

The web application is an application that is stored on a remote server and is set up on the internet through a browser interface. The user’s interaction with the application becomes easier by using any computer connected to the internet using a standard browser. Web applications are usually designed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

The web application can be designed for a wide variety of uses and can be used by anyone, from an organization to another specific user. You don’t need to download web applications as they are accessed through the internet. Let’s see which the major benefits of the custom web application are.

Easily Accessible

Web applications are easily accessible anytime, anywhere, unlike traditional applications. The only thing needed to access it is the internet. Hence they are easily accessible and are accessible to almost all devices and browsers. When the system undergoes functionality or security updates, it requires zero downtime giving the user instant access to the updated version of an app.

Easily Customizable

The web-based application is easy to customize than a desktop application. Based on different business criteria, the web application requirement and specification will be different. Based on the business needs, we are able to customize the application based on salient features and functions relevant to your business. Therefore, there is no longer any need for everyone to settle for anything less. You can expect the perfect look for each situation.

Increased Security

With the desktop-based application, it is considered a costly and time-consuming situation in case of computer or laptop damage. There are chances that the data can be at risk, and then you will have to reinstall the software on the new device. Web-based applications are deployed on the dedicated server, which is monitored and maintained by the server administrator. This makes the security tighter, and there are no chances for loss of data by human or programmer error.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Using a web application, you can avoid the issue of memory usage of installation software on every device; the web application runs on all lower or old specification devices. Whenever a new feature is added to the application, there is no need to upgrade the PC. Once the new version or upgrade is installed on the host server, the users are available to access it straight away.

So, we have seen, web-based applications are:

  • Easy to develop
  • More useful to all the users in an organization
  • Easier to maintain, install
  • Highly secured
  • And easier to grow as you grow

At Xira, we have helped a number of our clients improve productivity and efficiency in business by using a custom web application. Get in touch with our expert team and call us today to discuss your individual requirements.



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