January 15, 2021

How to Maintain Pest Free Houses During the Rainy Season?

The rainy season significantly increases pest infestation in the houses. Simply because pests and insects that live underground tend to come inside houses for shelter in order to avoid the water and wetness around, this comes very irritating and can even lead to diseases if not controlled from the very beginning. Thus to help combat the problem of pest infestation in houses during the rainy season, here is a list of tips compiled by ITEM Secure – one of the well-known pest control companies in India offering the best services of termite treatment and pest control in Gujarat, India.

Conduct furnishing work

Call your carpenter and do a thorough furnishing of the entire property prior to the rainy season. Usually, creeks, crevices, gaps, and holes in windows, doors, or walls are pathways for pests. With thorough furnishing work, all of these can be sealed, and thereby a complete barrier for pest entry can be established.

Opt for professional pest control treatment

Then waiting for pests to settle down across your house and then do the pest control, it is highly recommended to do the pest control treatment in advance before the beginning of the rainy season in your house. This will further lessen the chances of pest infestation during the rainy season in your house. For pest control treatment services in Gujarat, please feel free to get in touch with ITEM Secure.

Keep your house dry and clean

Pests love damp, wet houses. Even well-maintained properties during the rainy season easily get pest infestation due to stagnant water in the backyard or terrace, damp on walls, or open garbage deposits. Avoid all these during the rainy season by keeping your house speck and span. In case of water stagnation or dampness, get it repaired on immediate notice.

Use good disinfectants

Expecting a one-time pest control service to do a lifetime miracle for a pest free house is a wrong idea. All houses during the rainy season and all throughout the house must use good disinfectants while mopping and cleaning. Phenyls and detergents both must be used along with fresh water to keep any house completely clean.

This list of recommendations to avoid pest infestation during the rainy season at home is listed by ITEM Secure.


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