January 28, 2021

Interesting Places to Visit and Things to do on a Short Trip to Sydney Harbour

Are you going on a short trip to Sydney Harbour with your friends? Sydney is indeed one of the best places to have a blast, the harbor owing to its flair to impress anyone and everyone with its wonderful features. From its iconic Sydney Harbour to its breathtaking beaches, Sydney is truly a traveler’s paradise. However, let’s take a look at some of the interesting things you can do while you’re in Sydney Harbour, for starters.

Sydney Harbour and Sightseeing on a Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Harbour is one of Australia’s, let alone Sydney’s most celebrated tourist destinations and make sure you visit the place, come what may. This natural harbour is home to two of the world-famous architectural brilliance of the era: the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you don’t wish to spend much time on the harbor, go on a sightseeing tour around the harbor on a ferry or a cruise. However, to the first-time visitor, we suggest you board a lunch or dinner cruise in Sydney to get the most and best of Sydney Harbour dinner cruises take you through the scenic routes on the harbor and treat you to a picturesque montage of the Sydney skyline.

After a day of visiting the Opera House or the Royal Botanical Gardens or climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, get on board the amazing Showboat dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour to unwind yourself to good food, music, dance, and more. As you tour the Harbour waters on this unique paddlewheeler vessel, it brings you the wonderful opportunity to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge up close and perhaps clicks a few insta-worthy pictures with your friends.

Enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner freshly prepared by experienced chefs while you take in the spectacular night views on Sydney Harbour. All dinner cruises in Sydney come with a fully licensed bar on board; choose an upgradable drinks package to select your favorite drinks or beverages that will enhance your dinner experience. One of the greatest joys of being on the Showboat is that you get to enjoy a 1-hour cabaret show named ‘Voyage of Love’ performed by a group of talented Australian dancers and follies. It’s fair enough to say that a dinner cruise in Sydney is a perfect way to absorb the essence and spirit of Sydney–from its culinary scene to its youthful exuberance and the iconic Sydney skyline. Get on board the Showboat with your traveler friends to roam around the Sydney Harbour in style and make memories for a lifetime.

However, if cruising doesn’t appeal to you as much as roaming around at your own pace, go on a walking tour or biking tour to explore Sydney’s most innate characteristics by wandering through the streets in and around the harbor to leisurely pass by the iconic structures, parks, gardens, beaches and more. Sydney’s state-of-the-art infrastructure includes an excellent network of integrated cycle tracks to promote eco-friendliness.

So are you ready to explore Sydney Harbour yet? Pack your bags and call up your best friends to join you on a fun and exciting trip to Sydney Harbour.


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