January 15, 2021

Usage Of Proctoring Software in Companies

Proctoring software helps the administration in creating a safe environment. It helps in doing proper online assessments by preventing academic dishonesty. It is used by the administration for verification of the identity of test-takers, monitoring of their behavior during the test. It is done with the use of a webcam. It is supported on both mobile and computer. It helps in maintaining the integrity of the examination being conducted. It helps in assessing the behavior of an individual and preventing any kind of cheating. Moodle proctoring plugin is used to capture the pictures with the help of the webcam of those who are attempting to moodle quiz. It captures the images after 30 seconds and saves them as a PNG image. It also does the video recording of the individual. It makes the procedure free from any kind of impingements. Companies nowadays use this proctoring software. There are various reasons for using them which are as follows:-

1. Easy access – It provides easy access to both companies and employees. Employees only need to log in to the platform and launch the proctoring tool. Companies are also not required to create a spreadsheet having employees’ names and IDs. They can put together the assessment of all the employees and can incorporate all the necessary information with a single mouse click. For example, the software helps in easy registration, maintenance of information, keeping every detail of each employee, etc. It can do those works that a human being cannot perform.

2. Flexibility – It helps the administration in reducing cost. The companies are not required to arrange for test centers or doing the invigilation process in person. It is more beneficial when you have to conduct a test or an interview in a remote area of the world. It provides flexibility to the candidates. They can decide when they want to sit for an exam. They can choose a time slot according to their requirement. It will also help in the participation of more candidates as compared to offline methods.

3. Greater geographical reach – The use of proctoring software helps in conducting exams and interviews in more parts of the world. It will help the company in capturing talent from various parts of the world and that too at a lower cost. More exams and interviews can be conducted at different time slots. It will provide the company with a global reach very easily. In traditional times the company has to properly set up the centers for interviews and tests. So, it becomes difficult to make the centre at each corner of the country. Setting up of centers also requires the employment of individual for invigilation. But with proctoring, software one can easily conduct interviews and tests. People can sit in their own homes and can be part of a company.

4. Increased security – It is very beneficial from the security point of view. An invigilator is keeping an eye on the candidate from the video screen. He watches the environment of the candidates and any kind of violation. If, there is any kind of serious violation done by the candidate like using mobile phones or any kind of suspicious activity they immediately remove access of the candidate. If any issue occurs the video can be reviewed for solving the problem.

5. Environment being proctored – It helps the institution to have a much proctored environment. The proctoring software helps in controlling the flexibility of browsing. The candidate’s browser gets frozen which prevents him from using any web-based sources. It helps in maintaining the authenticity of the information being provided by the user. As there is no scope of cheating or using any wrong practices, the user fills the info with complete honesty as h knows that he is being watched.

6. Agility – The interview and test take a lot of time. It is a time-consuming process. Online proctoring helps in minimizing the wastage of time. It helps in reducing the involvement of people. It helps in making the process more agile. The presence of an individual gets eliminated. It becomes easy to conduct the work in remote areas also. As there is less involvement of people and more involvement of technology there are fewer chances of chaos. The work is performed smoothly.

7. Quick delivery of results – The company software combined with proctoring software makes the result declaration and evaluation easy. The work gets evaluated automatically and the result gets declared soon. The evaluation is done in only a few clicks and the result is declared. The objective type and MCQs get evaluated in a few seconds. This software is available on both mobiles as well as computers. The results drawn with this software are accurate. There is no chance of any kind of error or miscalculation. It saves time for both companies as well as the employees. The results from this software are ready to use and require no further processing.

There are various kinds of software being used by companies. It helps the company is employing fewer people. The fewer people involved less is the cost and at the same time, it leads to less complexity. The work done is also free of error. The proctoring software also helps in minimizing the wastage of time as the work is done automatically. It is also the safest method to perform work. There is proper security provided by this software through the use of a webcam. So there is no scope of any kind of violation. It helps the companies doing their job globally as there is no need for any individual for performing the work. The results and evaluation also get done in only a few seconds. It has changed the process of how the companies used to their work traditionally. Proctoring software had become the essence of the modern era.

Especially in the year 2020, the pandemic lead to the shut down of various institutions and companies. It was difficult to run the economy, getting work done, or conducting examinations if proctoring software were not available. They provided a helping hand to the economy by making the work from home performance easy and authentic.