January 15, 2021

What Causes Drug Addiction?

Most times, when we hear of someone using drugs or being into a drug rehabilitation center, a picture comes to mind. We see someone using some drug continuously and being unwashed, hair uncombed, looking harassed and nervous, or whatever. And these pictures we imagine are somewhat true. Whatever the substance the addict uses towards the end, it becomes more important than any values they were brought up with.

Then there is a category of an addict who is intelligent, successful, well to do, have a lifestyle others can envy, and no one would say these are addicts in the before mentioned image. In fact, these are people who can hide their addiction under different guises and project the image of successful social use. These people are most prone to denying their addiction unless they get emotionally broken by the things they have to do to hide their addiction. Even the drug rehabilitation centers they choose need to have a privacy policy that can protect them. Some detox centers in Mumbai like Zorbacare offer such a space.

This makes it clear that drug addiction isn’t about using drugs uncontrollably. It’s about how one is affected by the effect of the drug. Most people experiment with various mood-altering substances and find their preferred poison. As time goes by, they either continue into a regular usage pattern or an occasional social pattern. Some regular users are heavy users, but it’s a fun thing dependent on a circle of friends and personal choice. If they, for some reason, don’t use it, it affects them not at all. And they can continue to stay stopped without thinking of it at all. Like it doesn’t matter whether they’re using, not using, or using heavily or lightly. They won’t require the help of any drug rehabilitation center.

Those who get hooked and become addicts are those for whom the drug of choice provides a numbing of emotions whereby they are able to see themselves as different from what they normally see themselves as. Those who are unhappy with or ashamed of themselves, their lives, their circumstances, have anxiety, sadness, hopelessness leading to depression, are guilty about things they do or have done, have low self-worth and other personality issues are the ones who are prone to get hooked into drug addiction. The drug of choice provides them relief from the pain of a dissatisfied life. They are mostly unaware of this emotional pain until they find a drug rehabilitation center where they are made aware of this. Some detox centers in Mumbai do provide basic education about this aspect of addiction.

Women users are very prone to these low feelings and land up using prescription drugs to help them get by. They are worse hit as there is a fear of social stigma. They need drug rehab for women that can help without endangering their privacy.

Zorba is a drug rehabilitation center that offers a detox center in Mumbai and is also a drug rehab for women. If you or anyone you know has the personality issues described, seek help as these traits cause a person to fall in love with the effect of drug use and turn a person into an addict.