February 25, 2021

Home Gym Picks to Stay Fit During the Pandemic

For those of you who wonder what Rohit Reddy does when he isn’t a real estate developer, I work out and maintain my fitness level. Going by the current situation, everybody knows how important our health is. If you’re trying to create a sort of mini-gym at home or follow a fitness regiment, you should keep some equipment in mind.

Firstly, ask yourself what is making you decide to workout at home. Has the pandemic forced you into this? Or, maybe you have never gone to the gym and want to do it by yourself. You need to know why that will help you understand what tools you need to have for optimum benefits. If you believe that you can build your body better without equipment, forget the myth as performing a few sets of different cardio routines can only help you to a certain level. Whatever your case may be, here are a few pieces of equipment to aid you in your home workout.

Weighted Arm Bands

Like I said before, only cardio won’t do. You need to add weights to your routine. A little amount of weight can go a long way, and weighted bands are real proof. These add about half to one pound to each of your wrists so that your sets are more resistant.

TRX and Resistance Bands

How do these bands work? You can anchor it to a strong door or a wall, and it becomes the system that works to give you better posture and alignment while building muscles. As these are adjustable, you can choose the difficulty level by changing your body angle. Resistance bands are different. Imagine a tight grip around your ankles, quads, or knees when doing bridges, squats, or banded walks. It is the best answer to those comfort-addicted glutes.


Anybody who understands anything about the gym knows what dumbbells. They are probably the stepping stone to weight lifting. Get a pair of dumbbells to gain those bold boulders on your arms and shoulder. The better choice is to buy the rods and weights separately so that you can adjust them as per convenience and progress. Increase or decrease the weight with every set.


Still can’t get cardio out of your mind? A treadmill is just the thing for you. Coming from experience, endless running cannot get better than running on a treadmill. Good-quality treadmills are foldable to save space. It is also the easiest way to lose those extra fats.

Balance Ball

From regular yoga to intense training like calisthenics, balance balls are renowned for their positive results. Nothing trains your core muscles like this ball. It is also a great way to stretch those stiff body parts.

This equipment is affordable and perfect for your home workout routine. With proper, guided use, they can help you achieve the physique you’ve always wanted.