February 26, 2021

Know the Importance of Digital Marketing in Growing Your Business

Digital marketing has witnessed an overwhelming boom in the past 5 years. The results-driven performances by online marketing are strong enough to overshadow traditional marketing efforts. This isn’t a mere statement as we have significant numbers to prove it. Before we share them with you, we would like you to evaluate how long do you or your near and dear ones stay online? No, we just don’t mean social media but otherwise.

So, it is but natural for businesses to move online with a strong digital presence to let their customers discover or recognize them with ease. Your online presence must get you results in the form of inquiries, downloads, shares, comments, subscribers, etc. When digital marketing’s strength matches your strong online identity, it creates a great buzz in the market to catch the prospective customer’s or clients’ attention. Well, that’s how influential is the digital marketing and here’s a list of the few stats to give you a clear idea of the same:

  • Businesses spending $1 on Google AdWords are likely to earn average revenue of $2.
  • 64% of consumers making a purchase online are influenced by watching Facebook videos.
  • Out of 3.03 billion social media users globally, 72% of customers would want to see regular updates of promotions and discounts by their favorite brands on social channels.

Such effective data has compelled businesses globally to migrate online and serve their consumers daily without having to meet them in person. Thanks to advancements in technology and the advent of smartphones for contributing to the success of digital marketing. In addition to this, digital marketing has some exquisite features to up your game in business online. To name a few, we have the following features or strengths:

High Conversion Rate: It is easy to measure the performance of your ads and to market online with the help of the number of conversions, which are in the form of no. of subscribers & downloads, leads, web traffic, etc. Also, you can optimize the ad campaigns online at any time to improve the conversion rate.

Wide Range of Digital Tools: There are literally various digital tools like email marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, YouTube Ads, etc., available for us to choose from. You can select a suitable tool for your business’s ads and marketing online based on your requirements and budget.

Filter Target Audience: Digital Marketing enables you to filter and select the right target audience for your ads and online marketing. Reaching the right target group increases your chances of closing the lead or optimizing the conversion rate. The precise targeting based on your audiences’ demographic and interests improves your interaction with your potential customers.

Staying Connected with Our Customers: You can regularly update your products and services online to your customers. It helps in earning their trust eventually and building a good reputation for the brand digitally.

Cost-Effective Medium: Digital Marketing is genuinely cost-effective, which makes it an amazing medium for small or medium-scale businesses to promote their products and services. You can also generate good sales of products through different digital tools without burning your pocket.

Ease of Accessibility: You can access all the information about any business at any time via any device – be it desktop, laptop or smartphones. Thanks to the internet for making digital marketing easily accessible to any type of business. All you have to do is make good use of digital marketing elements like Call-To-Action, Ad Filters, Device relevant Content Strategy, etc., for better revenue generation online.

In all, Digital Marketing has the ability to transform even local businesses into global brands using the right strategy and tools. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us now for Digital Marketing Solutions.




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