October 29, 2020

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Description: We teach people how to use guided meditation to reach their subconscious mind and change behavior they do not desire. This Behavior Modification program is so powerful that people who have not been able to get help even after mental institutions, hospitals, faith healers, hypnotists and doctor upon doctor. They found help with Sam's proven program. Sam has recorded more than 1,800 digital audio sessions. Each client is special and unique He gives each client a Life Style analysis that reviels issues they may have had from childhood. From thr results he customize a program for each person. Our sessions are made up of twelve 45 minute stereo audio sessions on CD. Listen to them anytime of the day while sleeping or relaxing. These sessions first relax us, and open up our subconscious minds, which is the control center for all of our behavior. They always allow us to "...accept the suggestions that we like, reject the suggestions we don't like..." The subconscious is where you store all of our memories. These sessions are designed to remove the pain and dysfunctions caused by bad habits and memories. Sam is able to save his clients money on groceries, junk food, high blood pressure and pain medications. Sams program is designed to keep clients out of the hospital for as long as possible. Most courses, the people that give them are overweight and depressed. Sam at age 81, is the kind of teacher that everyone should have.
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