November 29, 2020

Animal Hoardings-A Curse for Both the Animals and Owner

Blog: Animal Hoardings-A Curse for Both the Animals and Owner
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Description: Animal hoardings are found to have psychological disorders in animals such as obsessive compulsive disorder, disillusionment and dementia. The sufferings of the animals due to these hoardings is in most of the case neglected as people tend to ignore or turn deaf ears to the need of these animals. It is certainly unjust to keep the animals hoarded or a number of reasons. Hoarding may seem to be justified when compared to the blatant abuse or neglect of the animal. The person is genuinely and deeply involved with the animals when they collect them so hoarding results in a filthy and unhygienic environment for all those around as most of these animals are never trained, bathed or allowed to go outdoors and even indoors they are confined to very small places. With the increase in disorder and growth in the population of animals, the situation becomes even worse and the hoarded animals are more likely to fall ill and suffer from malnourishment and they should be taken to Conway animal hospital for treatment. The animals are not given enough food and water as the owner is unable to take enough care of these animals in large numbers. The animals which fall prey to the hoarding are the weaker and smaller animals as only the fittest survives. Animal hoarding have grave impact on the owners as the death of the creatures has profound impact on the psyche of the owner. To get rid of the problems of animal hoardings which not only is a curse for the animals but also for the owner as well, a number of measures can be taken such as reducing the number of pets and financially helping the pet owners so that they are in a better position to keep and look after their pets. With the help of the financial aid the owners would be able to provide adequate amount of food and shelter for their pets. For the health and welfare of the animals and the owner, there are local animal health care workers who guide regarding the health and safety of both the animals and the owner. These people help in getting rid of the troubles and taking the animals to Conway animal clinic for treatment.
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