January 27, 2021

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Description: Ayurveda is strong believer of prevention is better then cure. That is the reason that major portion of Ayurveda text is dedicated to guide us about daily routine according to season and constitution of body. Sedentary lifestyle was never promoted in our ancient texts. Dinacarya or daily regimen mentioned in Ayurveda states that one should do Vyayama-physical exercise on regular basis. It clearly indicated that by doing exercise one can easily digest foods which are incompatible or improperly cooked though consumed. Exercise accrues lightness of body, capacity to work well shaped body and mitigation of doshas. Ayurveda says that one, who exercises daily neither has looseness of joints etc nor old age evades him quickly. Nothing equal to exercise in removing obesity. Ayurveda have many ayurvedic herbs which improve the digestion and assimilation of ingested food, one of them is to chew green ginger with black salt before consuming meal.
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