April 4, 2020

How to Clean the Coil of Orlando AC?

Blog: How to Clean the Coil of Orlando AC?
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Description: If you take proper care of the air conditioner coil, the longevity of the unit is automatically increased which eventually increases the usefulness. The task can be easily accomplished by taking a few measures such as cleaning the coil. To clean the coil, the items required are coil cleaner, a screwdriver and compressed air in a can. To avoid HVAC unit repair Orlando, routine maintenance is required. As part of routine maintenance, firstly remove the debris and trash from the coil. In the yard, there is usually a lot of debris or excess amount of dirt. So, clean the area which is in the vicinity of the air conditioner. Pick up the dead leaves, broken branches or other trash that might come from other the nearby area on daily basis. If the trash keeps on accumulating it is likely to enter the coil and get accumulated there. Moreover, the clog can also invite small insects, snakes and mice. These might chew the wire and make their home in the Orlando AC . It is desirable to turn off the power from the mains before performing ac repair in Orlando. Simply turning the thermostat would also solve the purpose. When the cycle of the thermostat turns down, switch off the power from the mains. Do not rush up wait for a few minutes after cutting down the power. Now, slowly remove the housing. Unscrew the parts with a screwdriver and put the screws safely in a bag so that they do not get lost. Next, try to find the exact location of the coil. Blow out the dust from the coils. Never make the mistake of using a hose to clean the coil because the dirt and debris in the coil would be difficult to remove if the get mixed with water. A small brush can be used to clean the dust and dirt. The coil cleaner can now be used on the dust free coils. With the use of coil cleaner , the coils become more resistant to take on more grime or dirt. Now , replace all the parts back to their position and switch on the power.You can also hire an AC Repair Company in Orlando to clean the coil and perform regular maintenance check.
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