June 5, 2020

How to Keep Your Google Ranking During a Website Redesign

Blog: How to Keep Your Google Ranking During a Website Redesign
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Description: I recently wrote an article describing how to create a first home page and made me think, the fall in Google's rankings when re-designing your web site? Well, I did some research and found some good advice from Flyte marketing team blog. In short, it is possible to maintain your position in search engines, while the redesign of its site, just to get their 301s ordered. One of the major search engines use to determine your ranking factors is trust. Google is more inclined to trust a site that has existed for some time and have lots of inbound links to it. Often when rebuilding a site that you come to change the URLs of your pages. The problem is that these new URL does not believe that the old URLs do, even if much of the content is the same. When you take the content and put it somewhere else, you are effectively reset the clock when the content is created and breaking all the inbound links that are displayed. How can I restore that trust with search engines? The most effective way of telling search engines that the content has moved through 301. With the creation of 301 redirects to its contents, show the search engines that your content has been past, and now directly inbound links to new pages. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then I suggest leaving the work to your web developer. If you think you’re capable of implementing 301 redirects for your site, the Flyte blog has shared the following resources to get you started: * How to Redirect a Web Page Using a 301 Redirect * 301 Redirect – How to Create Redirects * How to Set Up Redirects Using .htaccess [video] Even with a 301 redirect in place, you should expect a dip in ranking during a major overhaul of your website, but it won’t be permanent. Our SEO team says that you should be back to normal in about a month or.
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