January 17, 2021

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Description: For the last 35 years, our founder Dr. Stuart Garber has been researching and testing natural remedies for human ailments. His mission, his passion, has been to help people live happy, healthy lives without harsh prescription drugs and their harmful side effects. That passion also extends to animals - Dr. Garber is a self-professed pet lover, and when he started treating animals like his dog Sophie with his formulas, he saw amazing results. Pets and humans alike experience tough, sometimes painful health problems, and the MaxWell Pet team believes that prescription treatments can exacerbate things. Veterinary medicines can often have the same side effects as those for humans - lethargy, incontinence, susceptibility to other ailments and more. Instead of fixing one problem with another, we created natural remedies with zero side effects to solve health issues and improve the lives of your pets. We invite you to become part of the movement to help pets live longer and healthier lives. Let’s make a better dog world together.
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