January 22, 2021

World Birds

Blog: World Birds
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Description: Birds are very common in Bangladesh and other countries.The bird has a beak,two eyes,two legs and two wings.There are different kinds of birds.Some birds are big and some are small. Some birds can sing.Some birds are nice looking and some are ugly.The crow,the magpie robbin,the dove,the sparrow,the king-fisher,the wood-pecker,the heron are a few of our common birds. Birds can fly.The lay eggs and hatch them.Birds generally eat insects,grains,fruits,fish etc.The add beauty to the nature.We must be kind to them.Many Useful Videos Are Included Here!
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Keywords: Philippine Eagle,Congo Peafowl,Gray-necked Rockfowl,KAGU,Emperor Penguin,California Condor,Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise,Horned Guan,Marvelous Spatuletails,Black sicklebill,Siberian crane and Many More!!
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