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  1. Sports betting NFL Blog – Bookie’s Blog
    Sports betting NFL Blog - Sports Bookies: Blog about betting this NFL football season and tips on how to run your own Price per head call center and sports betting service offshore. Plus NFL picks, NFL blog posts and more.
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  2. Supplemental Health | Healthcare Solution Provider
    Learn different healthcare solutions , healthcare tips and other ideas on how to handle different kinds of diseases by reading the several helpful postings about health matters.
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  3. Telecom News
    Focused on global telecommunications. Nice blog containing almost everything about telecommunications.
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  4. Telecom Your telecom guide
    A nice blog full with useful and interesting information about international calls and almost everything there is to it with international calls .
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  5. The Best Call Center Management Software is All-in-one
    The CCP call center software provides a blended inbound and outbound solution through a single desktop browser. It enables the call center managers to monitor real time customer interactions. It is designed to advance the call center to charge up the agents with a board range of features that are unique and user friendly. The CCP management software helps in improving the agent efficiency and customer experience.
    The CCP call center management software connects with the customer on every channel which let you to tap into customer including by phone, email, chat etc. It enhances the efficiency and productivity as the agents can handle multiple customer.
    Everything you need for a productive contact center and happy service agents is the all-in-one call center software which will put the call center companies business on the path to reducing the cost and improving the business agility and customer experience.
    There are number of features which make the call center the best call center management software are:
    • The CCP Software helps to bind the agents to work together, so that they can respond quickly and efficiently.
    • It gives the single customer view by agent screen which are optimize to manage the activities with less scrolling and streamlines the agent experience with the tabbed records.
    • It provides the multichannel service which offers the flexibility in the call center to customer services.
    • One can easily access the customer information instantly which keeps the agents productive.
    • The CCP call center management software is affordable and easy to use call center forecasting and employee scheduling solutions.
    • Fast setup and avoiding large implementation projects
    • Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Management for Improved Customer Satisfaction
    • Easily track, analyze and manage agent, group and center performance to optimize customer service.
    • Call recording and monitoring improves the call center quality.

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  6. The Easy Grip!
    A blog about the latest and new technology, gadgets, promos, sales, money making and online opportunities, saving options, adventure and travel spots, free items online and offline, internet world, and anything and everything in between, including personal bits of the blogger!
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  7. The English Courtesan
    Join the English Courtesan's journey from social escort and mistress to elite courtesan and luxury travel companion...
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  8. The Magellan Solutions Blog
    Actionable tips and advice on call center services and customer service for large organizations, and small and medium businesses.
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  9. The Unlocked Mobile
    And that's how to make a free or cheap international or conference call.
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  10. Total Quality Assurance Services
    Total Quality Assurance Services is your one stop source for all your quality assurance information needs. Read and learn about all quality assurance and customer service matters from the authorities in the industry
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  11. Trace A Phone Call
    How To Legally Trace A Phone Call.
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  12. VoIP SIP Account Thailand
    This Blog is make for VoIP User who love to reduce budget for calling around the world. We are provide useful information and source for who that interest about VoIP Technology, SIP Account, VoIP IP PBX, VoIP Call center
    Added on Dec 26, 2007 | 691 Views | 
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  13. Why do I need call center software for my business anyway
    Why do I need call center software for my business anyway? This is perhaps the most common question that comes to our mind when we shop for ultra-modern call center software applications. If you too are bothered with this question then I would suggest that you must read on.
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