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  1. Across the Pond
    International Aspects of the Presidential Campaign 2008 from Germany and the U.S.
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  2. Advertising - How To Succeed
    This Article introduces Advertising, and considers its association with product awareness and brand loyalty, both vital aspects of any marketing campaign. It discusses the methods employed and the role of the advertising agency. It then studies the types of ad campaigns they produce, together with the placement, in terms of geography and medium, of such campaigns. Website has many more.
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  3. B2B List Experts
    At B2B List Experts, Simplifying the whole process of Email Marketing, Campaigning and other activities that help businesses to achieve customer confidence, profit and reputation.
    B2B List Experts online campaign Services is a series of operations intended to achieve a goal, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of methods.
    B2B List Experts service provides wide range of data solution such as data scrubbing, data enhancement, data appending. B2B List Experts provide accurate contact information.
    B2B List Experts excels in providing high quality services , B2B List Experts provide e-mail list services which provides information about the consumer, business, leads.
    At B2B List Experts, we constantly strive to deliver service par with international standards and in theprocess we encounter new challenges and opportunities that has helped us grow to the next level.
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  4. Banners Are the Colorful Part of Our Life
    Banners are known for advertising and making the public to aware of a particular event. Basically banners are flags that comprise the matter in the form of signs, logos or slogans. The banner signs indulge the public and allow them to follow the principles on it.
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  5. Business reporting and Analysis that talk
    Examples, real cases and concrete tips on how to create effective business reporting and analysis and how make the best use of it all.
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  6. Campaign Trail Yard Signs
    Determine how many political lawn signs a candidate needs, how to design lawn signs, where to place campaign yard signs, and where to buy candidate lawn signs.
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  7. Democracy's Daily Posts
    Look at democracy-related issues around the country with a focus on campaign finance reform and electoral college
    Added on Mar 24, 2005 | 1208 Views | 
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  8. Direct Marketing Testing – Walk Then Run
    As any good direct marketer would tell you, testing is the key to a successful direct mail campaign. Having the right balance of test elements allows you to understand what components are working, and what needs continued refinement. 
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  9. Email List Hygiene
    The E-Append Blog was created to bring together information and resources so its readers could learn about, and see the benefits from the use of direct marketing data services. Helping Brick & Mortar's and Online businesses alike.
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  10. Email solutions
    This blog will help you about why email marketing is first choice of website owner to market their product and services. Hope you will like this blog and start promoting your product with email marketing.
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  11. Environmental Campaign
    This site is in the process of inviting people to join in this environmental campaign. Partipating in this campaign, will let you learn how to make fuel additive for your car. This additive will help reduce the toxic and harmful fuel emissions to our environment and let you save on gas consumption.
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  12. Expert PPC Service Company
    PPC (pay per click) is becoming one of the important medium for advertising tools for internet. SEO and on advantage for the proper execution.
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  13. Google Adwords PPC Campaign Management Tips
    Get web marketing news and updates. Google Adwords campaign management and search engine optimization (SEO) tips.
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  14. Iron Mikes Anti Harassment Intimidation and Bullying Blog
    I am Iron Mike and this is my effort to TAP OUT bullying. The purpose of this campaign is to help youths overcome the afflictions of HIB. Recognizing the lack of anti-bullying resources on line and in our communities, I started MMA Refuge. To fill in the lack of news, editorials, and how to's of stopping bullying through MMA. I want youths to know if you are harassed, bullied, intimidated, on any level you are not alone. Bullying comes in many forms and has no discrimination or regard for anyone. That is why MMA Refuge does not discriminate either , no matter what your race, religion, socio-economic level you live at all are welcome at The MMA Refuge. Are you bullied for the way you look, act, or your physical ability? ARE YOU Different ? Great, at MMA Refuge we thrive on being diverse and different! Your not alone let MMA Refuge become your solace.
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  15. Life is beautiful
    Please visit the link for blogs and discounts on various products.
    There are discounts in various products.
    Also there are products for sale that are being campaigned through the blogger site.
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  16. Massive Crowd At Official Flagoff Of #Omititun2015 Campaign In Ibadan
    On Monday 19th January 2015, the people of Oyo State, young and old came out to show me support as I officially declared my governorship candidacy at Mapo Hall, Ibadan. The sheer number of fans, supporters, loyalists and all those who believe in the #Omititun2015 vision, humbled me and strengthened my resolve to stay on the course that leads to the birth of a new dawn in Oyo State.
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  17. Mastercom Advertising and communication blog
    It's a blog about advertising creation, you will find all the newest and the best TVC, print, viral, ambient, outdoor, internet advertising creation from all around the world. This blog is daily updated. So come visiting everyday. Have fun!
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  18. Mobile Marketing
    A new concept in mobile marketing is what mobile advertising is. If you were to talk to a random group of people, a majority would say they read news and even books on their handheld devices only.
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  19. My MLM Project
    Discover how Mark, an everyday Joe with no MLM, networking or marketing experience was able to use direct mail and build a small army of successful followers. The key Mark says, “be consistant, focused, trainable, teachable and patient and you will be successful”. Anybody can learn this! Follow Mark on his journey from the beginning and learn the simple secrets to direct mail success.
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  20. | WE HATE PIRACY :-( (we are against piracy and we are anti-piracy) is aiming to build awareness among the general people to fight against piracy. We believe one day they will HATE piracy.
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