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  1. Aditya Management College, Bangalore
    Aditya Institute of Management Studies is among Top MBA colleges in Bangalore. AIMS is emerging as a Management college in Bangalore which offers MBA , BBM with high standards .
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  2. Aditya Management College, Bangalore
    Aditya Institute of Management Studies is among Top MBA colleges in Bangalore. AIMS is emerging as a Management college in Bangalore which offers MBA , BBM with high standards .
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  3. Admissions |Exam Results | Educations | Training Institutes
    Student education blog created especially for Students. Here you can share and discuss, get information related to education. You can find out Admissions, Exam Results, Education Consultants, Training Institutes, Study Abroad, Student Career Guidance, personality development, seminar topics and much more. It is also helpful for every individual’s growth too.
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  4. Aviation Industry
    It gives the idea about aviation industry, aviation career and the breif note for aviation industry and related management.
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  5. Bangalore (Namma City, Namma Updates) - India City Blog
    Bangalore IndiaCity Blog , the IT hub of India is too rich in culture, technology and development. This blog feature the best of those stuffs for you. Stay tuned!
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  6. Bizzreviews - Real customer's reviews site
    Here is a website for you to provide tons of reviews from genuine customers on different products. “Get to know the product before you buy it.”
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  7. Black Planet
    Black Planet Buzz online resource for American news, community, technology, culture, music, entertainment, politics, business, family, sports and romance
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  8. Career Advice - Education Programs - Career Resources
    An information resource blog for education in India with different institutes, colleges and universities including details on admissions and fees structure.
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  9. Career Advice, Education Programs and Career Resources
    This blog aims to provide educational info, career discussions, links to educational resources and career counselors.
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  10. Career and Education Blog
    One-stop-shop for your Career and Professional Development. Get Career Advice and Latest Education Trends!!!
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  11. Career and Education Blog
    One-stop-shop for your Career and Professional Development. Get Career Advice and Latest Education Trends!!!
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  12. Cozy College
    Blog about colleges, universities, college loans, and college news.
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  13. Education Blogger Blog
    Education Blogger is an online resource for educators, students and administrators. The blog shares tips on various topics of interest in the education field such as advantages of eLearning, educational technology and nursing education.
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  14. Future Scope of Nanotechnology Studies in India
    There is a bright future regarding scope of nanotechnology education in India. You will get here a detailed view about the scope, colleges and job opportunities for nanotechnology courses in India.
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  15. Guide to College Life & Colleges Online
    A guide to learning, college admissions, university life, graduate schools, financial aid, K12 education, and more.
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  16. International Hospitality Education & Opportunities
    The hospitality management program at Penn State began formally in 1937 as an outgrowth of Institutional Management and was originally known as Hotel Administration. Phyllis Sprague, a member of the home economics faculty and an active proponent of a hotel program on campus, was appointed to serve as the program’s first head, a position she held until 1943. Mary Trout (1943-44) and Esther Atkinson (1944-54) followed as heads of the program.

    The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, and human resources.

    The world of hospitality offers a wide range of exciting careers in businesses related to travel and tourism, hotels and food & beverage, and events and leisure. It is also one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic fields of employment with positive trends forecasted for the coming years.
    According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the industry is promising more growth and a powerful economic influence in the next decade. 
    Travel & Tourism's contribution to GDP is forecast to grow steadily by approximately 3.9% in 2014. In spite of the current global economic slow-down, Travel and Tourism results indicate that people are still travelling more, with the international air travel and hotel occupancy rates up.  (WTTC, November 2011).
    Over the next ten years, the industry’s total contribution to GDP is expected to rise by 7% per year, which translates to approximately 74 million new jobs in ten years. (WTTC, November 2013)

    Hospitality and tourism is one of the world’s largest, most diverse and most dynamic industries. It is vast, offering a broad variety and an enormous number of jobs across the globe. In fact, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, hospitality and tourism employs more than 260 million people worldwide and career prospects in the industry remain strong. Year after year, hospitality and tourism is among the fastest-growing industries in the world.


    Do you enjoy working with people and making them happy? Are you interested in a career that offers challenge, variety and advancement? Would you like the opportunity to see the world while you earn a comfortable living? Then a career in hospitality management could offer you a high degree of professional success and personal fulfillment.

    One of the primary reasons the multibillion-dollar hospitality industry is so popular is the wide range of career opportunities it offers across so many different types of businesses and organizations all around the world:

    Hotels and resorts
    Restaurants and foodservice
    Cruise ships and airlines
    Theme parks and casinos
    Meeting and event planning
    Recreation and sports management
    Tourist destinations and attractions

    With its size, strong track record of growth and abundant employment options, it is no wonder the hospitality industry attracts such tremendous interest from a large number of students. And today the industry is more fast-paced and competitive than ever. So for those seeking to begin a career as hospitality professional, a degree in hospitality management is essential.

    This section will give you a brief overview of hospitality management jobs at all levels and an introduction to some of the skills and responsibilities required. While job classifications, scope, responsibilities and level can vary from company to company, the examples in the following pages will give you a general understanding of career development opportunities.

    Entry Level Positions
    Middle Management Position
    Executive Level Positions

    After reading the overview in this section, you’ll know more about how the hospitality industry works. You’ll have a better sense of which jobs seem right for you. And you’ll probably be even more excited about a future career in hospitality!

    Why Hospitality and Design?
    Exciting job opportunities awaits in the dynamic, international hospitality industry!
    An understanding of the principles of design is important in an industry where new hotels are constantly being opened and properties are renovated to offer a more contemporary environment. With the ever-increasing competition between hotels and the growing popularity of boutique and design hotels, graduates and post graduates respond to a demand for multi-skilled managers with an eye for detail and a keen interest in facilities design.
    The skills learnt at any School of Hotel Management are applicable to a vast range of roles in hospitality, luxury brand management, hotel design and tourism-related businesses.
    The importance of luxury in the hospitality industry
    Closely associated with the hotel sector, the luxury goods industry and retail distribution are of growing importance, in particular among four and five-star hotels. Hoteliers and luxury brand managers are working together to capitalise on the synergies created between their products and students learn the concepts of luxury brand management.
    A bright future for hospitality graduates
    The hospitality industry is experiencing massive growth internationally; the World Travel Organization predicts that it will triple in size by the year 2020, becoming one of the largest industries in the world. This growth will provide many employment opportunities for people with the right qualifications, and institutions provide exactly the type of education and skills that future hospitality managers require to succeed.
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  17. Mass Communication Institute
    WLCI Media School is a premier Media Institute in India. WLCI provides professional training in the field of Mass Media through different programmes for those of you who aspire to enter the Media Industry.
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  18. MBA in Media And Entertainment -Whistling Woods International
    The courses at WWI are designed to ensure that the student’s learning is collaborative and industry oriented. The curriculum at WWI is a unique hybrid of theoretical and practical aspects and ensuring that the creative dovetails well with the business aspects. All students also undergo rigorous study in several co-curricular faculties like Film Appreciation, International Art Literature Culture, Production Design & Music.

    The objective of this course is to give students an in-depth understanding of the media and entertainment industry and how the industry is managed in a practical and real world scenario. This means that students will be exposed to management topics as well as practical and theoretical topics from media and entertainment to gain a holistic understanding of all subsectors.

    Students follow a choice based program, which splits courses into core subjects and elective subjects so students can get a strong base understanding of topics as well as opting for subjects that they are interested in and wish to follow a career in.

    The course requires that students to complete a total of 84 credit hours across the four semester. The credit hours split into theory (TC) and practical hours (PC) for each subject. Fifteen hours of instruction is one theory credit and 30 hours of work is one practical credit Students take about eight subjects a semester though the exact numbers depend on the choices they make and the semester they are in

    In addition to this, between semester 1 and 2 students have to complete a one-month internship with any NGO of their choosing as a social sensitization internship and between semester 2 and 3, all students will undergo a 2-month internship in the industry of their choice and will return to campus only on completion of this. Students must complete both these internships to be eligible for the completion of the course.
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  19. My Home Town Schools Reunions
    UK Schools Re-union database
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  20. Scholarships and Fellowships
    Provides the Complete details of the Scholarships And Fellowships available in the World
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