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  1. New to RSS? No problem!
    Not sure of how to use RSS? This blog will provide you with useful information.
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  2. Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik
    Occam's Razor focuses on Web Decision Making and thoughts / ideas / opinions on the old world of Web Analytics and the new world of actionable Web Insights.
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  3. Online Lead Generation Tips
    SEM Freak offers strategies for new customer acquisition and new business development through integrated use of online channels.
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  4. Pain Killer Marketing
    Blog for the Book Pain Killer Marketing
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  5. Paramount Training and Development
    Paramount Training & Development offers a massive assortment of services and caters to all workplace training needs. We help with coaching staff and teams of participants providing them with the methods and techniques they need to not only better their work output but maintain the work process more streamline and running smoothly. Providing different courses such as communication training, customer service training, conflict resolution training and dealing with difficult people training, you may rest assured we've got a training package for you! Fully customisable classes created for your exact staff needs and requirements.
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    My experineces using Paypal & what the alternatives are.
    Added on Feb 19, 2007 | 1390 Views | 
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  7. PhaseWare Files
    This is a blog about customer service, but our posts tie in events/things that are relevant and happening today. New posts are added every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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  8. Planning on a Facebook Ad Campaign?
    Unlike traditional advertisements, Facebook ad campaigns are quite affordable and this is perhaps one of the most important factors spurring more and more companies to jump into the bandwagon.The key to successful advertising on Facebook requires communication not advertising.
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  9. Product - Sales equals Junk
    A marketing and sales blog
    Added on Jan 21, 2007 | 752 Views | 
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  10. Project Noriel Shares a Blog
    This blog site is an extension of Project Noriel Online Marketing Group with website www.projectnoriel.com. This blog aims to deliver up-to-date information on internet marketing, information technology, enterprise resource planning, business consulting and project management.

    Project Noriel Online Marketing Group is a freelance project management consulting company with the primary goal of building websites, promoting products and services, improving the supply chain management operation of small and medium companies, and honing the skills and expertise of people, organizations, companies and corporations. One of the many services of this group is to provide online and offline marketing solutions that are base on the latest technology and well-proven techniques and strategies in marketing. We are a diverse freelance marketing group.

    Because we are a project management consulting group, we provide professional services to entrepreneurs, business owners, students, organizations, companies, professionals and individuals who are looking into the optimistic side of their life – growth for success. With these services that we cited above, our ultimate goal to our every client is to give an end result – an end result that works. That is the ultimate reason on why our tag line is: “Let’s make it happen“. You will consult to us. We will work together in accomplishing your needs.

    We want our clients, with the best we can, understand first the scope and coverage of our offered professional services. We are a diverse group and for that reason we are publishing our specific guidelines on how to avail each of our services. We are as open as saying – “Consult only if you can’t do the job. Pay only if the job has been done“. For this we mean straightforward and honest business. You should 100% benefit with the end result of the service that we delivered to you. You will pay us only if a goal has been achieved on your end.
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  11. Promotional Video Email

    Inviter video email service helps businesses increase their bottom line by creating a unique way of promoting products and services. Think of video emails as a commercial your contacts, schedule, and check your dashboard for results. delivered directly to your customer or clients inbox. All you need to do is create and upload a commercial a video 1-2 minutes long to your event, upload
    Here are a few tips to help boost the conversion of your video email.
    1. Keep it simple, describing the promotion or sale in the fastest way possible.
    2. Add more product information and text below the video that you didn’t cover in your video.
    3. Add links.
    4. Have a clear call to action. Do you want them to call, shop online, schedule an appointment?
    5. Show the product if there is one
    6. Be sincere and genuine.
    7. Be consistent with your branding. You can upload a custom background image
    8. Speak to one instead of many.

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  12. Provide Support Blog
    Blog about customer service and live chat technology
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  13. Quality is a Quality News
    QUALITY is a quality NEWS aggregates articles about assurance related issues. These concerns are ubiquitous and affect us all. How we’re treated as customers. What businesses are doing about satisfaction and loyalty. Who wastes money, commits fraud or runs a scam. Ideas to improve safety / auditing / monitoring. Where consumers get burned. When profits are bad. Standards to be expected. Performance. Retention. Benchmarks. Big Data, Infographics and Market Research.
    Hopefully, in the forest view, you’ll find quality and begin to think about its ever-present impacts.
    Added on Nov 10, 2012 | 1148 Views | 
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  14. Quality Matters
    This blog focuses on the new strategies that are being implemented in our QA team over the last couple of days.
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  15. Quality Solutions
    Quality Solutions, Inc. has become internationally recognized as a management consulting firm offering clients a wide range of market research support and quality management services. Our services are designed with one goal in mind, “Performance Excellence.”
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  16. Really Bad Service Is A Customer Rights Issue.
    Customers don’t have to put up with inferior customer services any longer. All shoppers can give their own consumer reports for everyone to read.
    Added on Mar 14, 2008 | 659 Views | 
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  17. Reserve Your Diabetes
    Glance Diabetes.how to overcome or reverse diabetes into normal condition? many people seek treatment in diabetic who could do with a quick healing and various methods were carried out.but many have not reaped encouraging results ....
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  18. Review Mantra - Customer and Market research in India
    Innovations in Customer and Market research for India .
    What do you think about the innovations that can be done to understand Indian Consumer and Society which can be beneficial for users, businesses and nation as a whole.
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  19. Review wall - current reviews online
    Review wall - current reviews online is a review blog that write reviews about products, movie review, digital camera review, song reviews. check out the most researched reviews online about products and services.
    Added on May 5, 2009 | 849 Views | 
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  20. Right project methodology
    In the absence of a proper methodology, any project can get mired in hurdles. So, it's important that we implement the right processes which can steer the project towards its desired goals and objectives.
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