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  1. Tips and Resources for Business owners
    Useful business tips and articles. Something for everyone but generally geared towards entrepreneurs and start up businesses.
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  2. Tips from the Biz World of Alliance Advisors
    Sharing my ideas, suggestions, and articles of effective and successful business and leadership practices.
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  3. Tips to keep your workplace clutter free
    Browse through tips on how to keep your workstation neat and tidy.
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  4. Top5Best4You
    Top5Best4You reviewing, rating and ranking the top 5 best products across many categories.
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  5. Update Yourself
    In this age of information explosion how would you know which is the best one for you?
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  6. Updating your make up kit
    During these recessionary times what is that one thing which can keep you ahead of the race? We are basically talking about updating your make up kit here so that your resume looks better of course.
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  7. Using Facebook for Business Promotion
    Over the last couple of years Facebook has emerged into one of the most popular social networking sites. But when it comes to promoting business does Facebook warrant a mention? Let's find out.
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  8. Video Email and Brand Consistency
    Marketers talk a lot about brand recognition and how that is just as important as promoting an event or sale. We know it is easier to keep a loyal customer than to get a new one. Brand awareness and loyalty contribute to that retention. If you’re going to send video emails you need to make sure you are consistent with your branding. Inviter has several ways you can do that.


    Custom theme. You can choose an Inviter theme, but we recommend uploading a custom theme. Make it similar to your social headers and backgrounds. Those in turn should be reflective of the look and feel of your website. Same colors, font, etc.

    Include your logo.

    If you’re doing a slider video, make sure you use branded slides, nothing random. You can still be festive or current with current news and have branded slides.

    Your tone of voice in the description should be consistent with tone of voice in all your marketing collateral.

    Video emails and branding together can make quite impact and assist you with customer retention, but also in attracting new customers who recognize you’re branding from shared video emails on social networks. Remember that Inviter video emails and greetings can be shared across multiple social media platforms. You want new customers to be able to recognize you.

    Try it out today!
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  9. Video Newsletters: A New Way to Reach Your Customers
    You have a tough job. You are competing with so many companies for your customers attention. Whether they are your direct competition with similar products and services or not, they are still creating messages and sending them to your customers. Unless you have a creative, appealing message to send, your messages and customer communications will likely be ignored.
    Enter Inviters video newsletters. Instead of your traditional newsletter, create an engaging video that would communicate the same information as your traditional newsletter, but attaching a person, a member of your team in the format of a video. Youll create something recipients will remember. It will also add a human touch that your competitors arent doing. These video newsletters are easy to create, upload, and send with Inviters business solutions. Save them and you can reuse some of the content for the future.

    Video newsletters are perfect for communicating sales, company news, and holiday business greeting cards. You can use them to send Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, discounts and specials, and special sales etc. Supplement the video with text detailing the promotion.
    Business Greeting Cards
    Instead of sending traditional business greeting cards, send video greeting cards. Its the same process as sending video newsletters only youre not selling anything. Instead, youre creating heartfelt video greetings. Inviters business greeting cards are available for every major holiday. Send Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Thanksgiving cards simply by uploading your video, creating your event, uploading your contact list, and scheduling the event. Its that simple. Dont forget professional holidays like Boss day too!
    Signup today for Inviters business solutions and start creating memorable messages to your customers!
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  10. Waitress Stories
    The daily rantings of a waitress with too much experience. From Horror Stories to Pointers for Customers and all the restaurant comedy you can handle.
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  11. Web Development, Migration, and Maintenance with DataBerry
    Databerry provides what we like to call “total technical services for your business” – Websites,Web Applications, Server Systems, Hardware, Software Purchases, and Technical Support with complete customer support. About : Databerry, Inc., has provided IT Consulting, IT Support Services, Hardware and Software Products, Software Design, and Web Design services for small, mid-sized, and large businesses, as well as for discriminating individuals who desire the most for their dollar. Since 1999, we have successfully assisted businesses in making intelligent decisions about their Technology needs, Oracle solutions, software development, and equipment purchases. We have assisted customers who have equipment, and we have facilitated technology services for them through other sources and service providers as well.
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  12. Web Strategy-Best Practices for building Insurance Websites - Part 2
    Step 2 – Understand your Target Audience Before you get down to defining strategies that can enable your goals you need to understand your Target Audiences and their needs 1) Prospects – Looking to buy Insurance can be categorized as follows: * Those who know exactly what they are looking for. They understand their need and know the product they are looking for.
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  13. Who Is The Customer and Are You Being Served
    The Greater meaning of Customer Service
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  14. Wizard Chronicle
    Tools & Techniques for Profitable Business Growth
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  15. Working with Virtual Teams
    This blog gives you tips on how to Work with Virtual Teams.
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  16. yoga burn system for women
    Yoga Burn is divided into 3 phases so that you can develop a foundation while increasing your strength and versatility along the way. And In this Yoga burn reviews I will explain you that 3 phases briefly. This really is great news as you have to construct a basis before you move ahead
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  17. Zoorate Blog
    Zoorate blog is an italian blog whit news about social commerce, ecommerce, customer relationship management, customer feedback, web marketing, internet marketing and generally web 2.0.
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