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  1. Adventure of Kerala holidays and Rajasthan Tour Experience
    Another amazing destination to explore in India is Kerala, the God’s own country. Resting in the lap of nature, enjoy Kerala holiday packages with Kerala backwaters, houseboats, hills and beaches.
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  3. Ethnic Cusine
    A Collection of Cusines
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  4. Gods Own Country
    Gods Own Country - Kerala
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  5. Good and bad of buying Investment property
    If you are planning to have a property and want to make it a part of your investment plan then follow the advice and give it a second opinion. Buying or making an investment into a Property can both be a risk or profitable for you.

    There are varied reasons people purchase investment property. Some buy it to get some deduction into the taxes they have to pay and some invest into property to earn some extra income to their savings. Whatever may be the reason behind it one could never deny the fact that people get lured by the investment plans because of benefits property investment provides to the investors.

    The interest charged upon investment loan is generally tax deductable which is another benefit and can be used to claim lesser tax payment. The important reason behind making an investment into a property is also they get higher borrowing power with an investment loan rather than having a nominal home loan.

    Investing into the property market provides various assistance to the investors. In the recent trend you can say that property investment market is more stable than any other market. Investment property provides fixed returns to the investors.
    Another benefit is the constant rental payment you receive from your tenant which is the generally higher than the mortgage repayment. You do not have to invest any extra funds to pay off the loan and simultaneously you can also avail surplus funds to cover any property costs that may have incurred.

    The profit can be maximized if your property location is feasible for the tenants. Yes that the most important factor people generally opt for is at what place is the property located. Naturally the basic conveniences are demanded by every tenant and your property location must fulfill that criterion to maximize your profit in terms of rent you are willing to avail from your property.

    The other side of the coin is everything comes with a disadvantage as well. You may get lured by the lump sum surplus you get from your investment but the initial charge incurred to buy your own property is higher than normal and sometimes beyond your imagination.
    Another drawback you can face is the long duration of time you will face to sell the property in case of any financial crises. Another scenario you can face is sometimes you will need to sell the property at a lesser expected price and incur huge loss if your property is not located in a place with is according to the convenience of the tenant.
    Additional drawback is that if you have purchased the property and you wish to rent it out immediately that would not be possible. You will naturally need some time to hunt for a perfect tenant fulfilling your demand and satisfying your requirement but in that case you will also need to pay some extra charges such as maintenance and mortgage repayment while your property is occupied by a perfect tenant.

    The most common problem you face is your tenant moves out after their contract expires and in that case you can face financial hardships. You may also have to overcome some differences between lesser income and higher mortgage if you fell short of the rent amount.

    We wish you happy investment with larger surplus.
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  6. Hit Kerala Beaches and Islands for the Perfect Family Holiday
    After exploring the historical sites, hill stations, theme parks, zoos and other attractions in Kerala, people that are looking specifically for fun at the beaches and islands can find ample options for the same in the God’s Own Country.

    Travelers, if started their journey from Ernakulam can begin their beach holidays from Fort Kochi, to have fun at the beach. They however may not get to have full access of the Fort Kochi beach, as some of the region is under the control of the Indian Navy.

    Fort Kochi attracts tourists from all across the globe and is famous for the huge Chinese fishing nets. While the travelers are exploring this region should not miss to see the men trying for fresh catches using the ropes/boulders and the heavy nets. The Chinese fishing nets and the men working on it would surely make perfect photos for the albums of the tourists.

    People that like to buy fresh fishes can visit the stalls and get it cooked (to their preference) at nearby restaurants. They would charge the travelers a few bucks for the service, but one would guarantee that fish recipe turned up the way one wanted it to be.

    From the shore, people can even enjoy the sights of small boats and ships (of all the types and sizes) float across the stream. Watching huge ships (mostly industrial ships) would be a memorable experience for many, for sure.

    Besides, those who like to explore the waterway going in the midst, frequent boat rides are available from Fort Kochi (to Ernakulam and other vicinities in Kerala), as one can choose from houseboats to speedboats to scale their journey.

    BookHouseBoats.Com manages water recreational activities for the guests, visiting Kerala. People that want to mix beach holidays in Kerala with boat rides can seek them for fun on the stream.

    On the other hand, those that want to be at the shore can walk the pebbled roads and watch different sights. People who love feeding birds can buy roasted groundnuts and other from the hawkers and give a sumptuous treat to crows, pigeons and various other bird species there.

    After having a gala time at the Fort Kochi beach and the stay there at a plush hotel, one can move to Cherai (about 25 km from Kochi) and for exploring other beaches of Kerala, if have planned an extended tour.

    Here are some of the other popular beaches of Kerala, viz. Alappuzha, Bekal, Chavakkad Beach, Kappad, Kappkadavu, Kollam, Kovalam, Marari, Meenkunnu, Muzhappilangad, Payyambalam, Shankumugham, Snehatheeram, Thirumullavaram, Varkala and so on.
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  7. INDIA: A Journey To Discover Exotic And Mystic Places
    An India travel blog describing a personal journey to exotic and mystic destinations not on a regular tourist map
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  8. International Hospitality Education & Opportunities
    The hospitality management program at Penn State began formally in 1937 as an outgrowth of Institutional Management and was originally known as Hotel Administration. Phyllis Sprague, a member of the home economics faculty and an active proponent of a hotel program on campus, was appointed to serve as the program’s first head, a position she held until 1943. Mary Trout (1943-44) and Esther Atkinson (1944-54) followed as heads of the program.

    The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, and human resources.

    The world of hospitality offers a wide range of exciting careers in businesses related to travel and tourism, hotels and food & beverage, and events and leisure. It is also one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic fields of employment with positive trends forecasted for the coming years.
    According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the industry is promising more growth and a powerful economic influence in the next decade. 
    Travel & Tourism's contribution to GDP is forecast to grow steadily by approximately 3.9% in 2014. In spite of the current global economic slow-down, Travel and Tourism results indicate that people are still travelling more, with the international air travel and hotel occupancy rates up.  (WTTC, November 2011).
    Over the next ten years, the industry’s total contribution to GDP is expected to rise by 7% per year, which translates to approximately 74 million new jobs in ten years. (WTTC, November 2013)

    Hospitality and tourism is one of the world’s largest, most diverse and most dynamic industries. It is vast, offering a broad variety and an enormous number of jobs across the globe. In fact, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, hospitality and tourism employs more than 260 million people worldwide and career prospects in the industry remain strong. Year after year, hospitality and tourism is among the fastest-growing industries in the world.


    Do you enjoy working with people and making them happy? Are you interested in a career that offers challenge, variety and advancement? Would you like the opportunity to see the world while you earn a comfortable living? Then a career in hospitality management could offer you a high degree of professional success and personal fulfillment.

    One of the primary reasons the multibillion-dollar hospitality industry is so popular is the wide range of career opportunities it offers across so many different types of businesses and organizations all around the world:

    Hotels and resorts
    Restaurants and foodservice
    Cruise ships and airlines
    Theme parks and casinos
    Meeting and event planning
    Recreation and sports management
    Tourist destinations and attractions

    With its size, strong track record of growth and abundant employment options, it is no wonder the hospitality industry attracts such tremendous interest from a large number of students. And today the industry is more fast-paced and competitive than ever. So for those seeking to begin a career as hospitality professional, a degree in hospitality management is essential.

    This section will give you a brief overview of hospitality management jobs at all levels and an introduction to some of the skills and responsibilities required. While job classifications, scope, responsibilities and level can vary from company to company, the examples in the following pages will give you a general understanding of career development opportunities.

    Entry Level Positions
    Middle Management Position
    Executive Level Positions

    After reading the overview in this section, you’ll know more about how the hospitality industry works. You’ll have a better sense of which jobs seem right for you. And you’ll probably be even more excited about a future career in hospitality!

    Why Hospitality and Design?
    Exciting job opportunities awaits in the dynamic, international hospitality industry!
    An understanding of the principles of design is important in an industry where new hotels are constantly being opened and properties are renovated to offer a more contemporary environment. With the ever-increasing competition between hotels and the growing popularity of boutique and design hotels, graduates and post graduates respond to a demand for multi-skilled managers with an eye for detail and a keen interest in facilities design.
    The skills learnt at any School of Hotel Management are applicable to a vast range of roles in hospitality, luxury brand management, hotel design and tourism-related businesses.
    The importance of luxury in the hospitality industry
    Closely associated with the hotel sector, the luxury goods industry and retail distribution are of growing importance, in particular among four and five-star hotels. Hoteliers and luxury brand managers are working together to capitalise on the synergies created between their products and students learn the concepts of luxury brand management.
    A bright future for hospitality graduates
    The hospitality industry is experiencing massive growth internationally; the World Travel Organization predicts that it will triple in size by the year 2020, becoming one of the largest industries in the world. This growth will provide many employment opportunities for people with the right qualifications, and institutions provide exactly the type of education and skills that future hospitality managers require to succeed.
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  10. Kerala Houseboat Tour: A Refreshing Experience
    Kerala is the most stunning and tremendous vacationer destination. It is sanctified with gleaming attractiveness of landscaped, character with stunning valley and magnificent backwaters, mountain stations, and overwhelming beaches bursting or perchance fun and enjoyment. Its archetypal place of conjecture everywhere the magnificence of scenery is furthermost preserved and proficiency as passing with the tortuous roads. Due to the quixotic vibes as well as remarkable splendor involving environment, they summit out of Kerala is amongst the wanted after holiday place in India. It’s also known as Green -ecstasy poker on globe for that reason of, its astonishing beauty association with harmony and scenery that offer magnificent prospectives for couples to like trip to Venice Kerala in a affectionate and unforgettable process. It has numerous of the most romantic and stimulating destination in the world whose magnificence can simply scarcely be enlighten in words.
    Houseboats are remarkable magnetism of the state; these Houseboats are in the vicinity well-known as Kettuvallams.A houseboat is approximately 60 - 70 foot in length and foot in width. These are ecological mode of transport. They are fabricated of timber planks joined simultaneously using coconut fiber ropes. The roof is prepared of palm leaves and bamboo poles. And the exterior of the houseboat is decorated with cashew nut oil. Previously these Kettuvallams were used to transfer merchandise from one place to a different but nowadays they has turn out to be a chief tourist magnetism of Kerala. This houseboat is adequately adorned and offer all the contemporary services and amenities. They are nearly like a hotel with selected rooms with attaches’ bathroom pleasant living room, Kitchen, dine area and many more. It is one of the most charming options of adjustment in the state.
    Backwater cruise on the houseboats is incredibly popular amongst tourists in Kerala. The backwater is delimited by charming and verdant green environment. Hence, if you want to get pleasure from the splendor of the backwater, visit to Alleppey in Kerala. It’s one of the majority sought after and favored backwater objective where tourist can get pleasure from to the utmost with remotest knowledge and reminiscences to enjoy in. Additional of the complete houseboat is well planned clubbed with exceptional lavishness and more of all amenities that makes well structured clubbed with exceptional facilities, luxury and more of all amenities that create the houseboat reside more pleasurable and pleasant. So select from the exhilarating packages and pleasing loveliness of the houseboat and the spectacular natural beauty with stupendous knowledge of lifetime.
    Further all these, the houseboats are contemporarily equipped with contemporary use as well as have lavish rooms that make the journey over the charming backwater accurately pleasurable and tremendous. The houseboat in Kerala also has large and drudgery level which is ideal for sun- set screening over and above the ordinary splendor that completely illustrate Kerala being the premium state for serene holidays. So, come and knowledge the magnificence of nature and take back dwelling lots of incredible recollections to relish inn forever. Journey to Kerala and like the charisma of its backwater to garnish your vacations with blonde memories. Reside in the comfortable houseboat obtainable at these destinations for contented and congenial stay. Kerala is one of the necessity perceive tourist place of India.
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  11. Kerala Travel Blog
    Looking for best Kerala travel blog? We provide all resources and information about travel related and tours to Kerala. For more details contact us today.
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  12. Killing the Red God
    The serialization of a novel
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  13. Mix Kayaking with Houseboat Tours, while You are Exploring the God’s Own Country
    While traveling in Kerala, you would never be short of options for water recreation or backwater activities. If you love adventure and specifically looking for ideas related to specialty travel, then why not try some Kayaking in the God’s Own Country.

    On a houseboat ride, in Kerala – you might miss to visit or exploring the canals or short passages en route, however, Kayaking holidays can make it possible for you. If you love ‘being in your own company’ and are fond of solo boat rides and expeditions on water,then paddling Kayak through the backwaters of Kerala would be pure fun.

    Various travel companies and tour operators in Kerala offer Kayaking holiday packages mixed with other water recreational activities. You can try your hands, of course with all safety gears, on both open and closed-deck Kayaks to move across the stream in rhythm. Paddling requires too much of stamina and you need to be physically strong enough, if have chosen this water itinerary to sail through the backwaters on your own.

    Many houseboat companies in Kerala even provide Kayaks to travelers, on the request that like to go on a solo-ride to exploring the scenic beauty of the nature. If you look forward to visiting Kerala anytime soon and like to try Houseboat rides, Kayaking and other water activities, then BookHouseBoats.Com can help you plan and manage your tour package.

    Please note, the backwaters of Kerala (Alleppey and other) might not promise you long Kayak tours,however,you can explore the regions (narrow canals/passages) that are not accessible easily through houseboats.

    Before you prepare for your Kayak journey, wear your safety helmet and the life jacket. When you are all set, sit atop the Kayak comfortably to begin your adventure journey. In case you have a fishing tackle(with you) then you can even try hands at catching some fresh fishes from the lake, there. Kayaks have adequate storage space and you can go back with the fresh catches of the day and show ‘your’ fishing skills to the whole world, out there.

    Carry your snacks and water bottle, to satiate your body during the solo-journey. In case, you have video cameras with you,you can also go to places that houseboats have no access to and in case luck is on your part,you might even bump into migratory birds. That would make perfect shots for your photo album,back home for sure.

    So,what are you waiting for?Call your tour operators and plan a tour in Kerala, for fun in the backwaters.
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  14. Once upon a life time in kerala
    A blog on kerala people and society
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  15. pixelshots
    photography blog
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  16. Real Estate Agents in Kerala - MS Real Estate
    MS Real Estate - Top real estate agents in Kerala. For Buying & Selling properties in Kerala contact MS real estate and sell your properties within short period of time.
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  17. Sciwiz Blog
    The utmost Creative Agency deliver services for a bunch of Web solutions like Web designing, Web/Application Development, SEO/SMM services, Graphic Designing
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  18. SEO Consultant Kerala
    There are a number of activities that an SEO consultant Kerala would tell you about. The need for a well designed website, which is easily navigable. Apart from that the importance of quality and unique content would help bump up your online visibility as well.
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  19. SEO Consultant Kerala
    Technology has become an important part of our lives today. For this reason, you need to think about ways in which you can use this fact to your advantage. So, what can you do in order to make your presence felt? Well, all you need to do would be to take up the services of a SEO consultant Kerala
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  20. Simple and Delicious!
    Simple and Delicious recipes
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