April 5, 2020

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  1. Democratic Candidate Larry Crim Speaks at JFK Club
    The Chattanoogan: News.. Larry Crim Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate to speak at The JFK Club.
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  2. Lakers4Life
    Sports blog focusing on the NBA and the wacky drama filled world of the Los Angeles Lakers
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  3. Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2014...For ALL Tennesseans
    Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2014...For All Tennesseans. Crim, a 5th generation Tennessean, is CEO of Christian Counseling Centers of America, Inc. a faith based initiative delivering affordable counseling through churches. Mr. Crim holds a Master of Public Administration from The University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University, a M.A. Major Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, and a B.A. in Arts & Sciences Major Psychology Minor Political Science from The University of Tennessee. Crim performed his Psychological Practicum at Vanderbilt InterUniversity Psychological and Counseling Center. Larry Crim for U.S. Senate Proposes The Social Security Protection Act; Veterans Benefits Assurance Act; Equal Educational Funding Act; and Highway Infrastructure Repair and Improvement Act to bring America's highways up to date and create 5 million new jobs in the first year of inception.
    Larry Crim challenges (R) incumbent career politician Lamar Alexander, who has been in office in Tennessee for almost half a century and is considered by many Tennesseans to be part of the "Washington insiders" who are out of touch and disconnected to the people in the states.
    Larry Crim is Chair of Democrats United for Tennessee, a grass roots organization seeking to "Make a Connection by Moving in a Tennessee Direction". Conducting a grass roots campaign across Tennessee since 2011 to unseat Alexander in 2014.
    FB: http://www.facebook.com/Larry.Crim
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/larrycrimussenate
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  4. Varela LaMar
    About Fashion Designer Nixia Varela LaMar
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