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  1. Learn About Web Hosting
    This is the web hosting zone. You can learn everything from zero about web hosting. The web hosting tutorial for newbie.
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  2. Learn SAS,SQL,Website design etc
    Linux is a tough subject to learn. To teach Linux you should have experienced faculty who can make Linux very easy.
    To make any thing easy to follow you should have step by step instructions. My presentations give you step by step instructions on what you have to do to learn Red hat linux.
    With this I am giving you the following world’ s best ebooks
    1. Linux+ Certification Bible
    2. Red Hat Linux Networking And System Administration
    3. SUSE Linux 10 Bible
    4. The Complete Reference - Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora Edition
    Who require Linux
    Linux is essential if you are a programmer, Administrator, or a student in these days everybody require Linux.If you learn Linux it is added advantage.

    With this I am giving many free gifts which is worth $300 All this is free if you take my list of presentations
    The cost is just $20.
    To buy this linux package please send me a email to best.ebook.1@gmail.com
    SAS Ebook
    Why Companies use SAS?
    SAS ( Statistical Analysis System) is an integrated system of software products provided by SAS Institute Inc. that enables programmers to perform:
    1. data entry, retrieval, management, and mining
    2. report writing and graphics
    3. statistical analysis
    4. business planning, forecasting, and decision support
    5. operations research and project management
    6. quality improvement
    8. applications development
    9. data warehousing (extract, transform, load)
    10.platform independent and remote computing
    SAS has many business solutions that enable large-scale software solutions for areas such as IT management, human resource management, financial management, business intelligence, customer relationship management
    Almost 70% of the fortune 500 companies and almost all MNC'S are using SAS,But at present there are few peaple who know SAS. Companies require more and more quality peaple for SAS programming.
    Till now only few peaple are learning SAS because it is expensive to go to a tution.
    Taking these things into consideration I have prepared a ebook on SAS which makes SAS very easy to understand even if you are a non programmer.
    Features of My Ebook package.
    1. My Ebook is very easy to understand, for every step I have given explanation.
    2. Ebook has almost all the procedures which you have to learn in order to work in SAS.
    3. In my ebook I have given 250 functions and there functionality.
    4. In the ebook you have more than 70 practice programs for you to practice, for your convience I have given the code.
    5. A very good program showing all functionality of Reporting which is required when you go for a job.
    List of free gifts with the ebook package.
    1.A document on Clinical trails. 2. Document on role of SAS programmer in Clinical trails.
    3.A special document on Macros which is heart of SAS.
    4.Some Sample programs in SQL which you can use in SAS.
    With these gifts I am giving Sample resumes.
    These are all instant benefits which you get when you buy my ebook. There are lot of future benefits also.
    Future Benefits
    Twice in a month I send latest information on SAS.
    These is the first time in the history sales and service both for a ebook.
    Eligibilty to learn SAS
    Any graduate with or with out Computer knowledge.
    Cost of this huge package just $70.

    SQL Structured Query Language is mostly used in all disciplines. SQL can be used in every sector like finance, banking, Information technology etc . It is important for all of us to know how to retrieve , manipulate and store data from tables, and sql is the base for this.
    Unique feature of this e-book.
    1. All the commands in SQL is given with a example
    2. For every command I have given the output so that you can understand what you will get after you use the query,
    3. It is written in very simple English everybody can understand.
    4. I have also included all topics in PL/SQL for advanced programmers who want to know about Pl/SQl.
    5. As you know in our daily life we require SQL so just take a printout of this e-book and take it with you anywhere you want.

    The cost of the e-book will be very less, it is just $25.
    Note with this e-book I am giving other important tutorials on stored procedures and basics of pl/sql.
    Interview this one word makes us nervous. Most of us are doing some job and we want to change over to other job but we do not have idea what to do.For example if you take great countries like USA there are many sort of peaple there spanish,french, Indian, African, Mexicans etc all over the world peaple come to USA. All of them have good knowledge on english. But non native english speakers find it difficult to speak in english because they are used to and are perhaps expert in there own language. With my package all most all the branches of Interviews are covered.
    1. Java(Full package).
    2. Oracle
    3. Networking
    4. Testing
    5. C, C++
    6. PHP
    7. SAS Interview questions.
    8. ASP.net Interview Questions.
    9. C# interview questions.
    10.HR Interview Questions also included.
    Many more.
    I have also included some ebooks from which you can learn the technology.
    All these huge package for just $35.
    For getting your package you can email me at best.ebook.1@gmail.com
    In these days of compitetion we require practice exam for everything in order to excel in it.
    I can give you any practice exams in the following
    1. Cisco 640,642 jut send me an email stateting the number of the exam. ex 640-802 etc.
    2 Computia A+ and other exams.
    3. Oracle certification.
    4. Cognos certification.
    5.SAS Certification(Base SAS).
    Any certification questions just for $4.
    Way to order the certification questions.
    1.Just send me an email with a subject Certification. and give me the number of certification
    2. I will Send you a paypal request for payment you can pay for the certification within 12 hours you will get the practice exam.
    send email to best.ebook.1@gmail.com

    Web site designing has become a passion in students, employees and business owners all over the world.
    You can use macromedia or any other tool to create a website but to make them work properly you should have knowledge on the following subjects
    1. HTML 2.Java script 3.VB Script 4.PHP 5.SQL
    These five things are required for all websites to learn all these things you require to spend a lot of time and money which is not possible. To help you all I have made a package I have create a website design course which will teach you everything you require. to design a website
    Contents of this package
    I have collected one of the best books for webdesigning. to get all these books you have to pay more than $350 all these are very costly ebooks.No problem if you are Novoice or a proffessional this ebooks are useful to all.These are old ebooks but till now these are used as standered ebooks for webdesigning
    1. HTML for Dummies.
    2.HTML in 10 simple steps
    3. HTML Mastery-Semantics
    4.HTML,CSS,XML Bible
    Like this I have collection of 16 ebooks all these ebook I am giving away as a webdesign package.
    The whole package cost is very less $40.
    For more details send me email on best.ebook.1@gmail.com
    Metlabs is a common name, there ebooks are considered to be very good and they maintain high quality.
    I am providing some of the important Metlabs books
    I have the following ebook by metlab.
    A Guide to MATLAB for Beginners and Experienced Users - Hunt Lipsman & Rosenberg : $5
    A Guide to MATLAB Object-Oriented Programming - Andy H. Register $5
    Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB - Poularikas and Ramadan $5
    Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB - Howard B. Wilson $5
    An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Methods in MATLAB - S.R. Otto & J.P. Denier $5
    Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB - Sergey N. Makarov $5
    Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB - Yang Cao Chung and Morris $5
    Applied Statistics Using SPSS, STATISTICA, MATLAB and R - Joaquim P. Marques $5
    Basics of MATLAB and Beyond - Andrew Knight $5
    Business Economics & Finance with Matlab GIS and Simulation Models - Patrick L.Anderson $5
    Chemical Process Control a First Course with Matlab - P.C. Chau $5
    Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB - Steven T. Karris $5
    Classification Parameter Estimation & State Estimation An Engg Approach Using MATLAB $5
    Computational Colour Science Using MATLAB - Stephen Westland & Caterina Ripamonti $5
    If you buy all the ebooks it is just $22
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  3. Learning is An Art
    Informative content related to Subversion version control, JIRA and software configuration management tools
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  4. Life is about extreme choice
    About SAP, Daily Life, Linux
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  5. Linux and Open Source
    Contains information about the various linux based systems available as well as the various open source software available!
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  6. Linux Devices
    Linux Devices Latest buzz about Linux enabled small devices. Check out all new Linux Technologies.
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  7. Linux Hacks and News
    The Place to find information on open source tools and linux kernel
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  8. Linux Home: Linux as a desktop
    It is history that Linux is only for hacker or server administrator. We can live without Windows. When there is open source operating system which performs even better than commercial operating system, why you pay money for it. Linux Home is a evangelist with the slogan "Linux as a Desktop!"
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  9. Linux kernel rebuilding and compilation
    A major project on linux kernel rebuilding and compilation
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  10. Linux On Laptops
    Laptop related bogs with focus on Linux
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  11. linux server configuration and cisco guide
    Contain the advance configuration of linux and cisco router
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  12. Linux Support
    Get training on Linux Support and all its major types of operating systems. Transitiv Technologies provides Open Source Support & Services for business and enterprises. Transitiv Technologies offers experts supports for business critical operating systems. Call 0203 3847207 to speak Linux Consultant or visit www.transitiv.co.uk for details.
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  13. Linux Support, Software, Hosting & Security
    Dedicated to Linux support, servers and
    software development in PHP/jQuery/HTML/CSS
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  14. Linux Universe
    This blog is dedicated to all linux and open source lovers.
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  15. Linux Web Hosting
    Linux is a open operating system. By using this we are providing you hosting facility where you can get more security and more reliability. Linux operating system is of free of cost. So, this Linux web hosting is cheaper in cost when compared to other hosting services.

    Hamara hosting is a company which is located in Secunderabad. This hosting service center is providing with both windows and Linux hosting services. even it is providing Reseller web hosting services also. Reseller web hosting is providing you to domain a website and earn on it by selling it to others.

    Linux Web Hosting is the best web hosting service that is proving by the Hamara hsoting.
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  16. Linux, Open Source, Social Media and more
    Discussion of Open Source,
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  17. Linux Support
    Get training on Linux Support and all its major types of operating systems. Transitiv Technologies provides Open Source Support & Services for business and enterprises. Transitiv Technologies offers experts supports for business critical operating systems. Call 0203 3847207 to speak Linux Consultant or visit www.transitiv.co.uk for details.
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  18. LinuxGalore Blogs
    Blog about Linux, open source, tutorials, downloads, games and related stuffs
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  19. Linuxtutorial
    A blog of some computer related information.
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  20. Maze Of Lies
    the truth is subject to change without notice
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