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  1. The Facts About Fire Protecting Systems In Mumbai
    Without proper Fire Protection System Our commercial buildings, educational institutions, shopping malls and Industries could be left behind in a helpless position if there were an unexpected fire emergency occurred .
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  2. The Need Of Fire Extinguishers In India
    We should have make awareness about fire safety in India and need to take proper precautions like installing fire extinguishers in our buildings, homes and at our work places.
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  3. Tickling Prometheus
    Humorous blog based on the views of a tragic comic advertising guy
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  4. Tips on How to Reach Malvan
    Malvan is the rising star of tourism in Maharashtra. It has already become popular as one of the convenient tourist spots, How to reach Malvan is not at all a big issue, since there are many types of transportations available for Malvan.
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  5. Travelogue
    A blog about my travels across India
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  6. Umrah Packages Mumbai 2014
    Cheap And Best Umrah Package From Mumbai - Mim Tours is the Best Hajj & Umrah Tour company in India. Provides Umrah tours at best price.
    Umrah Package Mumbai Hajj 2014. Total Package amount Rs.48,000/- Only. From Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Jammu & Kashmir, etc. Booking Started NOW.
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  7. unlimited tenders opportunities from aamchi mumbai
    Maharashtra State is one the most Populated States in India. It is located in the western part of the country. The state is bordered by the Arabian Sea. The Capital of Maharashtra Mumbai Tenders, also considered as the business capital of India.
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  8. VAAFT - Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment
    The Anorectal Fistula(Bhagandar) (Fistula in Ano) is an abnormal communication between the anus and perianal skin. Fistula(Bhagandar) can occur spontaneously or secondary to perianal or perirectal abscess. There are many surgical and non surgical methods available for treatment of fistula. One of the latest method of fistula treatment is the VAAFT treatment.
    The VAAFT procedure is performed for the surgical treatment of complex anal fistulas & also for their recurrences cases. Surgical wound in the perianal region are prevented and the risk of faecal incontinence is avoided because no sphincter damages are provoked.
    The VAAFT procedure comprises a diagnostic phase and an operative phase.
    1. The diagnostic phase
    The purpose of the diagnostic phase is the correct localization of the internal fistula opening.
    2. The operative phase
    Purpose of this phase is the destruction of the fistula from the inside. As a next step, the fistula canal is cleaned / the waste material removed & its internal opening is then hermetically. This procedure assures a perfect excision and a hermetic closer of the internal fistula opening, excluding the risk of stool passage.
    The advantage of the VAAFT procedure can be seen evidently as no surgical wound on the buttocks or in the perianal region are seen. This is because the fistula is completely destroyed from the inside. During the VAAFT procedure a local or Gaya aesthesia is given. The procedure is a painless procedure carried out for 20 minutes. The recurrence rate is also negligible after the process of VAAFT. VAAFT procedure is performed only for the selected cases of fistula depending on the clinical diagnosis by a Fistula surgeon.
    The post-operative care is also must after VAAFT procedure. A timely follow up with doctor is must to keep the area clean & to have a close care on healing of wound. Post-operatively medications for 2 weeks are strictly to be followed along with exercise and diet given by the experts. One can resume its duty immediately after 3 days of surgery is also the major benefit of this procedure.
    This VAAFT treatment is available at Healing Hands Clinic, Pune. Dr. Ashwin Porwal is an renowned Fistula Surgeon in India. Dr. Porwal is founder of Healing Hands Clinic (HHC).
    Healing Hands clinic has its franchise in Navi Mumbai, Chakan and Chinchwad
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  9. Working Out The Best Logo Designs
    Logos should be self expressive irrespective of whether they will displayed on website or maybe some other channel, in other words, target audience confronting all these logo designing mumbai ought to realize what this business is focused on and how best the message is actually exuded by means of these logos.
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  10. Writing on Sand
    It's about life around me, cities I have lived in, and people
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