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  1. "Reputation | Reputation Company | Online Reputation Management "
    This material stands apart from everything else I’ve read on the subject.The treatment will benefit anyone trying understand the topic even they r new to it.
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  2. Adventinve Marketing Blog
    We like to talk business. Your business. Your goals and objectives. Your products, technologies, markets and channel strategies. With years of B2B marketing experience, we bring a lot to the conversation. We’re strong on strategy, deep in ability, creative in our approach and intent on achieving maximum and measurable results.
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  3. Akaash Maharaj - Practical Idealism
    Advancing the public good, serving the national interest. On Canadian politics, liberalism, diplomacy, and international affairs.
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  4. All about fraud in public contest
    with the growing demand for public service, candidates are another problem apart from the competition, fraud, irregularities and favoritism in procurement, selection processes and vestibular This blog has information on how to report fraud, fraudulent contest to find and list of companies and fraudulent more information about fraud.
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  5. Bill Blett Marketing Communications Blog
    Marketing Management and Consulting
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  6. Blog Brandz
    Business Blogging Tips: How To Use Blogs To Brand Yourself, Build Your Influence and Sell More Of Your Products and Services Online
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  7. Brands and marketing
    A Blog on new thoughts of Marketing, Brand building, case studies and communts from a communications professional
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  8. Breast-Feeding Cover For Your Baby
    A breast-feeding cover allows you to breast-feed your baby in public, without the fear of getting exposed. This means that, you can breast-feed in public, without being indiscreet.
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  9. Building Your Online Empire
    Check out this blog, where I provide free tips on how to build your Online Empire
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  10. BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas
    BurrellesLuce staffers who’ve earned their stripes in the fields of PR, marketing, sales, media, and technology share what they learn. Readers are invited to join in and share their Fresh Ideas.
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  11. Captain Comm and his League of Extraordinary Communicators
    CaptainComm and His League of Extraordinary Communicators is the official blog for Advantis Communications. Advantis is a lean, award-winning public relations and marketing agency with seasoned experts in each discipline. Please be warned that CaptainComm blog content contains naked PR & Marketing insights that have been stripped of all BS. The focus is on public relations, marketing, media relations, video production, social media and more.
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  12. Cheap Holidays | Hotels Booking | Travel Tips
    We offer the best places, hotels in the world in terms of price and compare prices for thousands of holidays including package holidays. including holiday destinations, festivals, public holidays, hotel booking, flight information and travel tips.
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  13. Check Out London
    The blog features the urban discoveries of a London-newbie; sharing and documenting the experience on settling down in this exhilarating city.
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  14. Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Healthjustice
    Join MCN in our conversation on health justice for mobile underserved people.
    Added on Dec 3, 2007 | 1208 Views | 
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  15. Communication 3.0
    public speaking coaching blog
    Added on Apr 4, 2010 | 1158 Views | 
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  16. CommuniTech Rocks | Marketing Blog
    CommuniTech Rocks is our very own Marketing Blog! CommuniTech is a Pittsburgh-based marketing firm that offers services that range from complete marketing strategy development to full-service implementation.
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  17. Comprehension Blog
    Comprehension from the PRSA features up-to-date news, conversations, and perspectives from industry experts about public relations.
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  18. Convert C# Source Code to Java directly from GitHub and BitBucket
    CodePorting is an online service that has achieved exceptional popularity among developers who are using it to convert their C# code to java instantly. CodePorting allow developers to access their code from anywhere at any time in the cloud. They are continuously trying to add new exciting features to improve conversion experience of developers and also associating with social coding websites and repositories.

    After the great response from customers CodePorting is taking a step ahead and providing a integrating support of public repositories from GitHub and BitBucket. CodePorting has announced that users can now access public repositories at GitHub and BItBucket within CodePorting Application. Developers can now import C# code hosted on public repositories of GitHub and BitBucket, convert it to java and then manage newly converted java code back to their favorite social coding site. Before that developers could only import and export their code to private repositories.

    It would be much easier for developers working on .Net developers to have access to public repositories. All they need to do is to provide URL of public repository like GitHub and BitBucket etc and import their project. Whether its converting a code snippet or thousands lines of codes, CodePorting can do it instantly. They are also working on GitHub plug-in and they will soon update their users about it. The advantage of this plug-in will be if you carry out any change in your GIitHub C# code repository it will be instantly converted to java.
    Added on Jul 4, 2012 | 1070 Views | 
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  19. Cord Blood Banks - Costs And Prices
    When you decide to choose a cord blood bank, there a few things that you must look into. One is the type of cord blood bank that you would prefer, a private one or a public one.
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  20. Cord Blood Donation - A Step In The Right Direction
    Cord blood donation is something that a couple, who is about to have a child, must definitely consider opting for.
    Added on Apr 1, 2008 | 1270 Views | 
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