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  1. Packers and Movers Pune
    Preeti Home Movers & Packers is the best packers and movers services in Pune offering packing and unpacking, household shifting, goods insurance, car transportation service, car carrier service in Pune. It has eight branches within India.
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  2. 3D mesh repair- treatment for hernia
    A hernia occurs when part of an internal organ or body part protrudes through an opening into another area where it ordinarily should not be located. There are many different types of hernias, but the most common is when a portion of the intestine protrudes through a weak area in the muscular wall of the abdomen. This causes an abnormal bulge under the skin of the abdomen, usually near the groin or the navel. Hernias occur in various locations. Some hernias are present at birth, while others develop during adulthood. Hernias may enlarge due to increased pressure inside the abdomen, such as during straining, persistent coughing, obesity, or pregnancy. Most hernias stay the same or slowly get larger over time. Umbilical hernias, however, are a special situation. Most small umbilical hernias that appear before a baby is 6 months old will disappear before the child's first birthday. Even larger umbilical hernias may disappear before age 3 or 4.
    There are 2 types of Inguinal Hernia:
    ⦁ Indirect: a protrusion through the internal inguinal ring passes along the inguinal canal through the abdominal wall, running laterally to the inferior epigastric vessels. This is the more common form accounting for 80% of inguinal hernias, especially in children. It is associated with failure of the inguinal canal to close properly after passage of the ⦁ testis in utero or during the neonatal period.[⦁ 2]
    ⦁ Direct: the hernia protrudes directly through a weakness in the posterior wall of the inguinal canal, running medially to the inferior epigastric vessels. It is more common in the elderly and rare in children.
    Most people discover their own hernias by noticing a bulge. Sometimes, however, your doctor will find a small hernia as part of a routine examination. Your doctor makes the diagnosis by physical examination. He or she may ask you to strain or cough (especially while standing), which may make the bulge easier to see or feel. Rarely, you may have symptoms that suggest a hernia, but the doctor will be unable to find one at the time of examination. In these circumstances, your doctor may recommend a computer tomography (CT) scan or an ultrasound of the abdomen. Losing weight is helpful if you are overweight. If you frequently need to strain when you move your bowels, speak to your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe stool-softening medication or suggest that you modify your diet to include more high-fiber foods.
    Healing Hands Clinic, Pune is a well known established clinic for treatment of hernia. Here, a latest technology known as 3 dimensional (3D) mesh is used for treatment of hernia. Hernia surgeons will advise you to undergo a surgery for hernia to prevent future re-occurrence rate. Hernia is a common disease that can affect any body from his childhood to old age. We need to stitch the shirt if it is torn, like wise we have to do surgery to get relief from this disease. Many times a small piece of cloth is used to repair the torn shirt, like wise this mesh is used to cover the weak spot of hernia or the hernia hole to repair it.
    Healing Hands Clinic (HHC) is awarded by Centre of Excellence for Hernia by Dr. John Murphy (Ex-President of American Hernia Society) during his visit to HHC. HHC is also service in proctology ailments along with Varicose Veins. HHC has an honor of being a member of ECTA & ESCP.
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  3. A One Safe Packers And Movers, Pune
    Aonesafe Packers and Movers pune offering professional packing moving services,transport services,household shifting,relocation services|Call:-9545015195.
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  4. A One Safe Packers And Movers, Pune
    Aonesafe Packers and Movers pune offering professional packing services,transport services,household shifting,relocation services|Call:-9545015195.
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  5. Advantages of opting for dental implants
    We all adore Bollywood actors who have the almost perfect smile, something that many of us can only dream of, don’t we? But, what if we told you that this flawless miles of film stars is clearly achievable. All you need is a visit to Smilex, one of the best dental clinics in Pune. Led by Dr Vijay Deshmukh, one of the most recommended names when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Pune, Smilex offers a variety of treatments which include dental implants, orthodontist services, smile repair and a lot more. With multiple branches in Pune, Smilex caters to a wide variety of clientele in the city as well as those coming from other parts of the country.

    Of the many options like root canal treatment in Pune, through this feature, we will focus on the dental implants services that Smilex offers.

    What is dental implant?

    For those who don’t know, dental implants are surgical fixtures that help in bridging the gap and therefore repairing the flaws that exist within the dental structure. These implants are absolutely safe and their installation is also easy. At Smilex, we are extra careful to ensure that the customers don’t find it painful.

    What are the advantages?

    -Its your chance to get the near perfect dental structure
    -It repairs or hides the flaws allowing you to sport an impressive smile
    -It boosts your confidence by improving your personality. This makes you look beautiful and feel nice as well. You can talk to people, interact with your co-workers and transform your personality that was previously being inhibited due to the damaged teeth.
    -Damage teeth are taken care of. This in turn prevents them from being damaged further and leaves you with healthier looking smile.

    About the dental implants:

    They are a sturdy option. Yes! A damaged tooth can fall off and you may find it hard to believe but this sudden falling of teeth can be extremely painful. On the other hand, the dental implants are a far more sturdy and reliable option.

    Your jawbone gets required support. Missing teeth or damaged ones can actually out stress on your jawbone which will damage it in the long run. But, with dental implants from Smilex, the risk of this damage can be reduced considerably.
    Low maintenance: A damaged tooth or missing one, means that you have to be more careful with what you eat and chew. On the other hand, when you are opting for a dental implant, you are actually investing in a solution that will help in eliminating the problem completely.

    So, the next time, you feel too embarrassed to step out of your inner circle just because missing or damaged teeth are ruining your smile, walk into the nearest Smilex clinic and our expert team of dentists will help you fix the problem in the best possible way!
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  6. Best residential project in undri,pune
    real estate blog in pune which offers affordable apartment for rent as well as for owning
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  7. Blog - Victorious Digital
    Today, every business aims to be on the first position on the search engine result page. The strategy used for that is SEO but we have discovered one more thing which can increase your visibility. Google My Business is a great Local SEO strategy. The above mentioned aim of the business can be achieved with help of digital marketing
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  8. Continuance: Facts & Fiction - Kedar Kadam
    Short stories and articles
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  9. Dental Health Tips - Oswal Dental Clinic
    Oswal Dental & Oral Surgery Clinic have a practice offering high quality dental care with strict infection control protocol to meet international standards . Dr Nitin Oswal is the best Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon in pune.
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  10. Digital Marketing Services: 5 common mistakes that you could be unknowingly making!
    When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of Indian companies still struggling to establish their campaign. In most cases, this is due to the lack of proper guidance, no access to the right resources and above all, the dearth of innovation in ideas! You need to start by understanding that digital marketing is no magic wand that holds the potential to transform your business overnight. The transformation is more gradual and therefore long lasting.

    You need an expert!

    From google advertising to Facebook posting, digital media services include a lot of options. What suits you and what not, is something that only an expert can figure out. This is where most people make the mistake by taking command of the campaign even when they lack the experience as well as expertise. Even when you have the resource but lack the direction, don’t expect the success to come your way because it won’t happen! You are safer approaching experts like SRV Media, SEO Company In Pune who know the job and have proved their mettle.

    One size never fits all

    So what if A, B and C worked for your competitor’s company, don’t madly adapt the strategy to your business. You could end up destroying it completely. Remember the age old saying of thinking before you act, well its applicable in digital media as well. You have to give a serious thought to your plan of action before you go around copying things. Why not hire a good agency and pay them to think something original. You never know, you could end up being the trend setter of the millennia.

    It’s not hard work, it’s smart work!

    If you are slogging to make post after post on Facebook and still not getting the required clicks, accept it-you have grossly misunderstood the strategy. Use the right content, know when to post, how to engage the audience to tempt them to come and like your post. This is why we say hiring a good agency tops the list of suggestions.

    Be willing to make the change

    So you want to go digital but are not willing to spend the money to make a website or establish your online presence. Well then how do you expect matters to work in your favour? In fact, in such cases, even the best of digital media service providers will give up because you will not give them the flexibility.

    The change comes from within

    When you go digital, your content has to be crisper, more to the point with a clearly understandable message. This could mean, you may have to prioritize certain aspects of your business and highlight them in your digital marketing campaign while ignoring a few others. As the owner of the business, this could be as painful as aborting your own baby. But, if you want the digital media campaign to click, making the change is an inevitable step.

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  11. Digital Marketing Services: Tapping the potential
    When it comes to digital marketing services, there are very few names like SRV Media who have stood the test of time and delivered exceptionally good results for the brands that they have handled. Gathering experience and expertise from across diverse domains, SRV media is a premier SEO company Pune that has helped brands evolved into better businesses. With it’s knack for creativity and ability to identify ideas that have potential, SRV Media has never hesitated to walk the rarely treaded path in order to strengthen its pursuit.
    Using a multifaceted strategy that deals with identifying the brand, understanding the services that it provides, looking for areas that need improvement and most importantly listening to the client, SRV Media is supported by a strong team of dynamic professionals. These are the people who have accumulated the experience and expertise by taking their fair share of risks in a short duration of time. Additionally, the youth quotient also ensures that the ideas being thrown on the table are fair, fresh and new. This simply helps the business or brand to grow faster.
    Being a Digital Marketing Services provider, we understand our responsibilities to be in tune with the latest updates of the industry. Our team invests regular effort in researching and keeping itself abreast with the new techniques that are coming into existence with every passing day. However, we don’t randomly adopt methods into the projects that we handle. Instead, we carefully analyse the project, examine the need, weigh the pros and cons and accordingly suggest the best possible adaptation. We also customize the plan in accordance to the needs of the customers.
    As far as the charges are concerned, we are one of the best names listed under the category of SEO Company Pune, yet we don’t charge a bomb for the services that we provide. The rates are kept strictly affordable so that a greater number of clients, come forth and are able to utilize the raw potential waiting to be tapped when it comes to Digital Marketing. Additionally, we have ourselves survived through the recessionary phase when companies had cut down their marketing budgets and were on a hand to mouth existence. Though the recessionary phase is now passing, its after effects are still there as companies are still not willing to be so free with their expenditures towards the medium of marketing and advertising.
    For such companies, we would recommend you to take a look at the services that we provide. In fact, if possible allow our executive to come to you and explain the opportunities that you are losing out on as a result of ignoring the power of digital marketing services. We will not make you spend millions. But, we do guarantee a handsome return for every penny that you are willing to invest.
    So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and allow us the chance to show you how we can make your business bigger, better and richer!
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  12. Digital Marketing Services: The game changer for your business!
    Are you a business owner struggling to figure out how to make more money without investing more money? Don’t be surprised at the question because the outcome is entirely possible. As one of the leading names of Digital Marketing Services providers in the western region, we have helped several businesses break the barrier and reap rich profits. However, in order to be able to earn from your presence on multiple digital media forums, you need to be sure that the approach being used is appropriate. With so much happening on the digital media front, people may find it difficult to choose the right blend of methods to implement. In order to help you figure out the solution to this situation, we give you the unique chance to explore the bouquet of services being offered by SRV Media, SEO Company Pune.

    Here are the five options from digital marketing that can help you give your business the much needed boost:

    Social Media Marketing Services: More than the newspapers, we rely on Facebook, twitter and YouTube to give us the updates, don’t we? However, this may not always be true. Posting random content on social media will get you nowhere. You need to have precise content, targeted right at the audience in order to ensure that the campaign is effective. This is where we come into picture.

    Banner Ads: Advertising is not restricted to TV ads. Did you know that the digital medium also had an equally awesome potential when it comes to advertising your brand. From identifying the popular blogs to talking about your brand on it,Digital Marketing Services by SRV team will device the complete strategy that will help your brand to reach out to a greater audience.

    Email Marketing: People use emails to communicate with each other. This email can also be used to talk to your consumer. All you need to do is figure out the right message. One simple step will ensure that your message reaches to a thousand consumers at one click of a button.

    Search Engine Optimization: At SRV, SEO company Pune, we don’t believe in implementing random ideas. Every move is well planned. We identify the right type of keywords and accordingly focus on advertising your brand across multiple forums. This in turn ensures that when people look for you, your brand or business is always there.

    Designing & Branding: Understanding the aesthetics of the brand and accordingly developing a visual communication strategy gives us an edge over the others. If required, we will design your online presence or revamp it. But, the entire process is in tandem with the latest requirements of the market. This after all, is mandatory if you want to strengthen the visibility of your brand.
    Also, these Digital Marketing Services continue to reap rich benefits in the long run. So, every penny that you invest in this approach is always accounted for, sooner or later!
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  13. Do I need an executive MBA in HR by SCMHRD?
    When it comes to the domain of human resource management, not many people are willing to consider the idea of a post-graduation program. In fact, the common notion is that if we have a 9 to 5 job, why bother about breaking the routine and studying further? We are anyways quite secure. However, ask yourself that are you happy with your job, stuck in the same position for the last many years. Well, the answer will be surely no and the only way to break the glass ceiling barrier is to empower your resume with the much needed academic qualification that will make you eligible for better opportunities.
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  14. Dr. Niteen Dhepe Blog
    Dr Niteen Dhepe is a Board Certified Dermatologist and has developed himself as a pioneer in field of Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers in India. He is the biggest entrepreneur in contemporary dermatology world of India. He is the youngest dermatologist to head a PG institute.
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  15. Executive MBA or the online course: Which one to choose
    When it comes to education, compromise is a strict no-no. Even parents will spend money to ensure that their children get good education. Similarly when it comes to professionals who want to get back to the classroom, the compromise on quality is best avoided.
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  16. Executive MBA at SITM: Helping students grow!
    If you thought that the jobs at the telecom industry were restricted to that of facilitating a call or connectivity between two points, you are grossly mistaken. Yes! Of course we have engineers to help make the call or to facilitate its connectivity. But, what about managing these engineers? What about deciding the goals of the company? An engineering mind could lack the capability as well as foresight to do a good job, in such situations. This is where the managers trained from reputed institutes like Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune take charge of the situation and help the industry achieve its target.

    A few years ago, at the time of its inception, SITM catered exclusively to fresh graduates who wanted to pursue an MBA in telecom management. However, with the time the institute has expanded its reach and its ability. Today, SITM caters to the professionals as well. Yes! As part of its curriculum, SITM conducts the executive MBA program in telecom management. This program is tailor made to suit the needs of the professionals. If you are wondering how, the answer is simple.

    First things first, professionals have an experience of working in the industry and understanding its nuances. Therefore, they don’t need lectures to explain them about the basics. After all, they have learnt it first-hand. SITM understands this. Accordingly, the executive MBA is all about a comprehensive curriculum that introduces them to the latest advancements in the industry while focusing on the managerial aspect or implication of the entire process.

    The second most important thing that would concern any professional is the timing of the course. If they have to leave their job to pursue their academic interests, it would mean major financial burden on their personal life. However, SITM takes care of this as well. The entire program is spread over a duration of three years with the classes scheduled on weekends. This means, you can happily continue your job on the weekdays. Also, participants located outside Pune find it easier to travel for classes on the weekends instead of giving up their jobs and settling in a new city altogether.

    Additionally, the program assures a higher return on your investment. Once you add the degree to your resume, you become eligible for better career opportunities. This automatically means, the chances of you getting a better job are higher. Admissions to the executive MBA program at SITM are also managed directly. Participants need to send in their applications directly. SITM will shortlist it based on the eligibility criteria and accordingly invite students for personal interview. The personal interview process is complicated and time consuming. But it has been designed in a manner to understand the temperament of the participant wanting to pursue the course and accordingly check his or her levels of interest. Post the final round of interview, the institute declares the final list of admitted students.
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  17. Executive MBA in Pune: SITM
    Gone are the days when a professional was saturated with his or her life and that one coveted job secured right after graduation. These days, the industries are going and so are the opportunities within them. In fact, we have reached a scenario where the number of job opportunities is more than the people available to take care of them. You may be surprised but this is completely true. There are many organizations in the telecom industry that are unable to fill the higher level managerial positions in spite of the vacancy. This is because, people may have the qualification but it a daunting task to find someone with the experience.

    After all, professionals who joined back then were not prepared to embrace the concept of post-graduation studies and so picked up the first available job opportunity. Now, they have the experience but lack the academic qualification. This is where the executive MBA program offered by SITM comes across as a saviour to the situation. Amongst one of the top notch institutes in the country, the executive MBA program is a comprehensive module that focuses on helping executives understand the new trends in the industry and therefore empowering them to evolve into better managers.

    Getting over the glitch!

    As a professional, the first hesitation is to give up the comfort of your 9 to 5 job and get back into the classroom. This is because, professionals have experience and don’t want to be bored by the basics again and again! There are very few institutes like Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management willing to walk the extra mile and accordingly modify their curriculum in order to be able to cater to the needs of professionals.

    Am I eligible?

    The primary rule of eligibility is to have work experience. Yes! Those with a decent work experience in the domain of telecommunications. In addition to the work experience, they are also going to consider the graduation marks and the other details that make up your portfolio.

    How to apply?

    Well, application procedure for the executive MBA in Pune program at SITM is to send in your applications directly. These are then reviewed on the basis of the experience that they have, the ability that you show and your interest to pursue the executive MBA at SITM. The candidates shortlisted in this round are invited for a personal interview session where a panel of experts examines their interest in the domain of telecom management.

    The big advantage

    For starters, those who want to pursue the executive MBA in Pune at SITM need not give up their jobs. You can balance both, provided you are willing to do so. This is because the entire course is scheduled over the weekends removing the need to bother about the academics on the weekdays. The duration of the program is three years with all classes conducted only on the weekends.

    So, get ready for a better and more rewarding career in the domain of telecom management with the executive MBA program at SITM!
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  18. Experienced professionals are seeking solace in executive MBA
    There was a time when getting a good job was considered to be the end of a person's struggle. Climbing the career ladder was not high on priority. But, those times have changed. Today, even professionals are getting competitive and what was once a competent profile is now becoming a race to outdo the others and climb higher. Given this situation, a lot of professionals who have the experience are coming out of their comfort zones and enrolling for the executive MBA program conducted by SCMHRD in order to add the much needed qualification to their resumes.

    As one of the premier management institutes of the country, the Symbiosis Center For Management & Human Resource Development has always been at the forefront of addressing the concerns of the student community as well as the industry. Even the executive MBA in Pune is a p ath breaking initiative of sorts that is aimed at helping professionals struggling to establish a stronger career in the domain of human resource management. Having the expertise and experience of successfully conducting post graduate programs for those aspiring to build a career in HR, the move to executive MBA in HR seemed obvious for SCMHRD.

    However, there are already so many people offering an executive MBA and quite a few of them have HR as their domain of specialization as well. Then what is it that makes SCMHRD's option different. SCMHRD is way above the others in the league. This is because it is amongst the few institutes in the country to actually understand the needs of the professionals. What working professionals need is much more than academics. Through an executive MBA in HR, the working professionals are actually looking at strengthening their knowledge by interacting with industry experts and learning new things. So, they don't need to go through those basics again. Also, their transition from the corporate environment to the academic one needs to be smooth. SCMHRD has understood these nuances and accordingly tailor made its program to suit the needs.

    Another crucial element to the SCMHRD executive MBA program is the timing. Professionals have a long day at work, post which expecting them to come to the class with a fresh mind to learn is a foolish misconception. However, they have weekends off and it is in this time that SCMHRD has accommodated its executive MBA program. Additionally, the big benefit of the weekend only executive MBA program is that professionals pursuing it don't have to give up their job to get back to the classroom. After all, your 9 to 5 routine on weekdays remains unaffected when you enrol for the executive MBA program at SCMHRD.

    Through its hard work and industry relevant curriculum, the team at SCMHRD has helped several working professionals make their own success stories by empowering them with the much sought after experience, expertise and qualification.

    So, if you too are looking for a chance to break the glass ceiling, SCMHRD could be your calling.
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  19. Five Reasons why you should buy property in Pune
    In the recent past, Pune has been one of the best performing cities in the residential real estate market.
    1.IT Industry Boom
    2.Great returns on Investment
    3.Be a part of the cosmopolitan culture
    4.City Location
    5.Luxury homes at your service
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  20. Get experience and expertise simultaneously: SITM executive MBA program!
    Being known as the Oxford of East, Pune is home to some of the finest educational institutes in the country. Amidst the many institutes that claim to be offering MBA programs in Pune, symbiosis is the torchbearer of the league. Initiated with a vision to facilitate the growth of quality education at affordable price, Symbiosis has grown by leaps and bounds, adding to its cap several feathers in the form of institutions offering diverse specializations. The Symbiosis institute of telecom management is also one of them. As the name suggests, SITM’s key area of focus is the telecommunication segment. Needless to say telecom is growing fast and telecom service are gradually emerging as the backbone of the economy. However, in order to be able to support this growth, we need professional talent as well.

    This is where SITM comes into picture as the best institutes focused on creating a credible talent pool of professionals for the industry. The institute started out as a place for full time post-graduation courses. However, now it offers full time MBA as well as part time Executive MBA options. Yes! Both the programs are conducted at the Lavale campus in Pune. While the full time MBA is ideal for people who have the time and are fresh from their graduation. But for those who have already established their base and been through the thick and thin of the industry, taking a two year sabbatical from job to pursue a full time MBA may not seem a worthwhile option. After all, once you step out of the industry, you become out of touch with the pace of growth that it follows.

    For such students, SITM has introduced the part time Executive MBA program. Now, you may want to ask what is so special about an executive MBA program. For starters, unlike its counterparts in other institutes, SITM offers an executive MBA program that is in accordance to the industry standards. Everything from the subjects to be included to the module of teaching to be implemented is planned only after taking feedback from the industry. This will ensure that what you are learning is in tandem with what the industry needs.

    Additionally, the program is conducted by expert faculty that brings on board a lot of valuable experience. Some of them have also served in the industry and then shifted to the academic domain. Occasionally, SITM also invites industry experts to conduct sessions so that the participants get a chance to learn from first hand experience sharing.

    However, the best part about the SITM Executive MBA program is that participants don’t have to leave their job to pursue their academic ambition. All you need to do is balance your professional and academic life. SITM executive MBA class timings don’t clash with your work timings allowing you to do both things simultaneously. Also, this empowers you to add experience as well as expertise to your portfolio at the end of the program.
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