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  1. Girlgetstrong
    Fuel for the fearless female
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  2. Glen Gould' Blog
    Inspiration for Life, Work, and Relationships
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  3. Graphic Designer Nerd
    II moan and groan when the time permits.. what girl doesnt.. but i LOVE life.. and i LOVE laughter.. so funny people are a DEF YES! with me..Sarcastic remarks will recieve double the acidity, Intelligent people are a necessity..and die hard romantics are a bonus!
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  4. Haley's Journal
    This is a blog of my journey into light and toward turning my hopes and dreams into reality. It is detailed account of events that have taken place since I met the love of my life, and the events that lead up to my coming together with my soulmate.
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  5. Happy Relationships
    The objective of this blog is to provide keys to a happy relationship and real, logical help to couples so they can stay out of the divorce trap. Good luck on your journey as you learn how to have a happy relationship so that you can maintain a healthy, harmonious, loving, affectionate and intimate marriage.
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  6. Healthism
    Healthism is a Unique health and fitness website. Main highlight of this site is 15 Minute Exercise to get attractive body,daily life style articles, calories in food, health Calculators, test your fitness, food and nutrition,sex and relationships, home remedies, health topics and many more things.
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  7. healthy blog for all
    marketing and advertising | luxury goods products
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  8. healthy relationships/increase intimacy/ find your life purpose
    Clear Answers and Powerful Solutions for good relationships, intimacy and communication that will positively impact the success your love life, friendships, and relationship with Self.
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  9. Help-Relationship
    An online resource for help with your relationships including free relationship advice, dating relationships, relationship counseling and marriage advice.
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  10. High Jinks on the High Seas
    Can you Believe these Boat Names?
    Added on Nov 26, 2008 | 1352 Views | 
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  11. How About A Date?
    Dating advice, tips and how to's for online dating and first dates.
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  12. How Do You Like Your Relationship?
    NEW! Enjoy Author Leeanne Asher-Northey's latest post: “How Do You Like Your Relationship?” from “Live, Love, and Learn” http://ashleenorthauthor.com/1/post/2014/06/-how-do-you-like-yourrelationship.html #relationships #readers
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  13. How to Be Husband-Free: Every Girl's Guide to Life on the Single Side
    Being single is still regarded as a social and personal failure for many women. This blog rewrites those rules by offering an affirmative alternative to conventional singleness. Why be single when you can be husband-free?
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  14. How to find a man of my life?
    Brianna's Blog about her relationships, job, life etc.
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  15. How To Get Married And Stay Married
    Marriage Successes is a blog that is loaded with tips and valuable information on everything you need to know about getting married and staying married. Whether its a divorce issue, relationship problems, or you simply need some more guidance about succesful safe online dating, you have found the right website.
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  16. I wish I thought of that - a food for thought
    a blog about love, life, relationships, personal growth, self motivation & improvement, wellness, happiness, mind & spirituality...
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  17. ideaGasms
    Immediately applicable, practical, and powerful ideas for releasing human suffering and progressively opening to love, bliss, and the Peace of God.”
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  18. ideaGasms
    Immediately applicable, practical, and powerful ideas for releasing human suffering and progressively opening to love, bliss, and the Peace of God.”
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  19. Increase your confidence with quotes on attitude
    Waiting is one of the hardest things to do especially when you are very busy with your work. We become annoyed and think why everybody else is positioning us up in bad times, which has triggered due to the betray of sweetheart when you are in love with someone and maintaining us away from getting what we predicted and desired of from our really like. This indicates to be the more we want something in love; better, it is to wait for it. In such situation, quotes about finding love perform awesome part in our lifestyle. Since, it gives us durability to deal with the scenario when we are alone. These heart touching quotes guide you to have patience and gently tackle the conditions of this type. The types of quotes are considerable, appreciable as it shows the real situation and sensation of your feelings.

    You can also deliver the quotations to anyone such as family members, friends or any someone else who is moving through the same condition and are away from their dear one. Many individuals also like to write poetries, quotations, experiences, citations but quotes on relationships are breathtaking and that is why getting more and more admired all over the globe. Mostly these types of quotations are best for those individuals who are have fall in love or got encounter once in their whole lifestyle. The main thing about move on quotes is that people get motivated from them; you can talk them before side of other, which can help your companion group to boost their confidence towards lifestyle in excellent way.

    At present times on the globe of public media sites, individuals like to publish such type of quotes about forgiveness on their wall posts, tweets or on friend’s walls too. These quotations has some ignite in itself which mainly obsessed by all those who go through it. These types of quotations are also motivating in all factors and have intended to motivate and persuade folks. Among these quotes, quotes about me are also awesome in all etiquette, as they are described in such a way, which shows the inner, and greatly sensation of someone which straight go to your heart. These greatly quotes are efficient but while go through them, it may make our self-concerned and nervous too if they go with our own life; then normally we start considering those quotations deeply and deliberately.

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  20. Inspiration and Encouragement - April Lorier
    Inspirational Christian author April Lorier on international women's issues, spiritual growth, abuse, divorce, parenting, depression, relationships, encouragement, emotional healing and recovery.
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